Presenting SEO Plan in a Perfect Manner
Presenting SEO Plan in a Perfect Manner
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Presenting SEO Plan in a Perfect Manner

New Year has arrived and everyone is busy in preparing SEO plans. Yet, for many presenting a business plan is a matter of question. For some people it’s easy to make SEO plan but difficult to present one.

Today, we will teach you how to present a SEO plan in such a way that it creates interest in the listeners and they are eager to know more about the same. Preparing, presenting and defending the plan are as important as adding everything in the plan.

SEO Presentation

Here, we have some tips that make SEO presentation simple and easy

  1. Managing the thoughts

    SEO plan write up is based on the same principles as that used to write an exam paper. All points are to be added one by one starting from introduction, Objective, Observation, Explanation and Final Conclusion. Yes, we can also say it like writing a science experiment.First of all, one must be clear about the points and ideas that one wants to communicate with the audience and then provide any supportive example for every activity that is to be explained in the plan.

    At the end when all points are covered, a general short summary must be written that relates to the every part of the plan viz. Introduction, Explanation etc.


  3. Things should matter to the audience

    When presenting a plan to the management team, one must think about things that matter them the most. Elements that affect the bottom line must be considered well in advance. Company goals must be clearly defined in the plan. The department, its goals how it will help to achieve the overall goals of the company etc must be mentioned in the plan.This makes it easy for the management firm to understand the plan and make them aware about each and every department’s goals. Some of the important questions that must be considered in this plan are as follows:

    • Activity time

      How much time a particular activity needs? Is that much time sufficient for the departments and for achieving company goals as well as completing the given tasks? Are other work priorities important to be considered?

    • Expenses to be occurred

      Expenses that are to be done from one’s own pocket must also be mentioned, any outsourcing fees to be paid must also be considered.

    • Skills

      Does any of the part needs extra skills to fulfill that task? Is it needed to hire new resources?Answers to all these questions must be perfect to provide a deeper insight as to how the tasks can be accomplished and within how much time frame? This helps to calculate costs and additional time needed to accomplish the entire plan.


  4. Admit the uncertainties

    SEO landscape is almost unpredictable. Google’s algorithm can get updated any time and as a result, no one is aware as to when one needs to completely change the SEO strategy. So, it is advisable to ignore this embarrassing part of SEO and continue the presentation.The presenter must always provide the best possible ways to maintain the website presence no matter what Google changes are made. Every single update has some things in common , one should always stick to that common thing as this will help to maintain the presence on the web.


  6. Maintain Self Confidence and Remove Fear

    While presenting anything, confidence is important as it makes things easier. With confidence one can easily accomplish almost anything. It shows that the presenter is aware of what he/she does and has done deep industry research.If asked about references, be frank enough to provide them. Get the feedback and then find the ways it can be adopted in the SEO plan.

Wind up

Hope these tips will help SEO experts to present their well researched SEO plan in a perfect manner. No, we are not any SEO training institute, yet through years of experience we have managed to share this experience with you, the readers. Keep reading our blogs and stay in touch with Softqube technologies, a well known SEO services provider in India.


Nitin Suvagiya

Nitin Suvagiya

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