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WhatsApp Share Extension on Magento

April 19, 2015

How excellent it is when two most popular IT platforms are integrated! Yes, this is really amazing as now on your Magento store, you can use WhatsApp share extension which can be used to share your products and promote your business on WhatsApp.

Be it a CMS page or product detail page, every single page on your Magento store has a WhatsApp share button with which you can easily share your products on WhatsApp and increase its views. The reason, we all know WhatsApp is a popular chat application and Magento is a well known eCommerce platform, both are popular in their own fields.

Now, with this WhatsApp share extension, you can easily share your products on with friends and other people. This will help to sell your products in large numbers. With just one touch, you can share and promote your online business on WhatsApp.

So, now WhatsApp can be used for business as well as for chat, one tool for two purposes. Well, this is really good news. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this extension:
WhatsApp Share Extension on Magento

Features of WhatsApp Share Magento Extension:

  • Works well with all mobile devices having WhatsApp installed
  • Can be useful with all Magento versions
  • Can have share button for Static Block Content
  • Small, Medium and Large size buttons which can be used as per your need
  • Customized button text

This extension is really useful for your business as it enables visitors to share products on WhatsApp quickly and in no time.

We all know that WhatsApp is available everywhere on every mobile device. It has now become the part of daily lives of people. The users of mobile phones are increasing by leaps and bounds and the most important thing people prefer to do online shopping from their mobile devices.

This extension can create WhatsApp share button on Magento or open cart product detail page. Hence, try to make most use of this extension and increase your chances of selling products to huge number of people.

Availability of this extension:

This WhatsApp extension is available in English, German and Portuguese with installation support. It is available for Magento Community Edition for only $35.00. To get the demo of this version, you can take a look at: The released version of this extension is 1.0.0 and is compatible with Magento versions 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1 and 1.9.

Yes, in case you need the support for this extension then you can contact Magento developers and for Magento edition support, you can get in touch with Magento developer team.

Wind Up

Hope this Magento update will help you to make most use of the widely used WhatsApp mobile application. So, now you can earn while doing chat. A simple chat application can now be used for business purpose.

Make sure to take a look at its demo and clear all its doubts before actually installing it. Magento extensions are useful to boost business on the World Wide Web. For more updates about this well known online business platform, stay connected with us.

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