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Leadership is not about Size, it’s about Attitude

May 9, 2018

Leadership is not about Size, it’s about Attitude

The size or the position you hold does not matter until you don’t have the right attitude. Attitude is everything when it comes to leadership.

Wrong attitude will not take you forward by any means. Attitude is like that X – factor without which you cannot lead any position.

Leadership doesn’t mean to be a leader in your office or in your department; you can be a leader at your home as well. We all have to play the role of a leader at some point in our life. It could be leading the school basketball team, or to be the leader of the college’s activity committee, or to be a parent.

Most of the time in life, when we play the role of a leader, we don’t realize the importance of that position, we don’t understand that being a leader is all about our attitude and wrong attitude can lead to creating the wrong impact on others. Yes, people have an impact on them because of their leader. The job of the leader is to make things come into action and that too with a positive attitude.

“Leadership is practised not so much in words as in attitude and in actions” – Harold S. Geneen

For being a leader you have to be the one who is able to turn around the things just by his or her attitude. You should not have to be the one who just tells others to do some work. You have to be the one who tells others how to do some work.

Think of the time when your best friend was worried and was not able to figure out what stream he has to go with after his schooling. And that it was you who motivated him to follow his passion and fulfil his dreams and your advice worked. Your friend is happy with his choice of career.

Now, this is a case, where you played the role of a leader by letting your friend overcome the negatives and feeding him with the positives he needed.

“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” –, John C. Maxwell

A mother is the best example we can think of. She doesn’t only tell her children to do things, but instead of that, she teaches them how to do things. She teaches them the best and the easiest possible method of doing things, which she has learned from her experiences. She not only tells her children to walk, instead, she teaches them how to walk by walking with them.

This is the attitude that a leader should possess. A leader should not only tell her team that her team has to achieve it, instead of that has to tell them how they can achieve the goals together.

And all of this can be achieved by a leader because of his or her positive attitude. Having a positive attitude gives you the power of solving any problems. Also, it’s a leader’s responsibility to create a healthy and happy environment for his or her team.

A successful leader is the who encourages, inspires and appreciates his/her team. Inspire them to do things which they find difficult, encourage them to reach their goals and always appreciate their efforts, even when the result is not up to what you wanted it to be. These are the things that make them feel confident and thus they keep on doing great work.

You must have used words like – guidance, direction, correct path, influence, making the right choice, etc, in your day to day life. But you never noticed that these words have the power to shape someone’s life. Doesn’t it feel great when someone comes to you and say thanks because what they are today is because of you or because of your help or because of your guidance? And here you played the perfect role of a leader.

A good leader also has to be a good listener, because you are not the leader to tell others whether they are right or not, but you are a leader so that you can also listen to other about your goods and flaws. Your positive attitude will be a waste if you are not a good listener and an even great communicator.

Other than this, a leader has to have some qualities like – a person whom you can easily trust on, a person who is flexible according to conditions and situations, a person who is always open to feedback, a person who is respectful, a person who is passionate about the work he does, etc.

The bottom line could be just a quote by Donald H. McGannon which says –

“Leadership is action, not a position”
Softqube Always Follow Positive Attitude!

To make the team of “Softqube” successful, our leader encourages, inspires and appreciates his team. Inspire them to do things which they find difficult, encourage them to reach their goals and always appreciate their efforts, even when the result is not up to what you wanted it to be.

– These are the things that make them feel confident and thus they keep on doing great work.
– It is nothing but the positive attitude of our leader which is getting transferred to his team or department.He not only makes them achieve the group or team goals but also helps them in achieving their personal goals.

Our leader says that: “you can’t motivate your team to do well or to do certain things in certain ways or to achieve goals. What you can do is just influence them towards self-motivation and this again can be achieved only when you follow the right attitude.”

Whether it is a team of 2 or a team of 200 people doesn’t matter, the team of 2 can achieve the goals that the team of 20 can’t just because the leader of the team of 2 has a positive attitude towards things and the other leader has a negative attitude. There is no relation in between the size and the attitude in the leadership.

Softqube” leaders are leading the team with the right attitude, thus Softqube has easily taken a leap from a team of 2 to a team of 200.

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Nitin Suvagiya

He is working with Softqube Technologies as Director, since 2009. He has over 15+ years of experience in Microsoft Technologies, working as a CEO and also providing consultation in DevOps as he is DevOps certified. He has good expertise in UX/UI designing in any application.

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