Top Web Development Trends & Predictions

August 20, 2015

Top Web Development Trends & Predictions

Technology advances by leaps and bounds. Every IT field has its own updates and changes. Every year, we can see new development tools are available in the market. These small changes makes tech world very exciting.

Today, we are going to discuss about some of the latest Web development trends:

  • Motion UI: Motion UI as well as Google’s Material design; both are emerging trends that will see the boost by frameworks like Polymer Project.
  • Challenges for responsive design: Apart from mobile, now the trend for wearable technology is growing widely. The new design changes can be presented on various devices like as Apple Watch, Google Glass and Oculus Rift.

    It supports every screen irrespective of size and shape. Semantic UI is a new design framework that has sufficient potential especially when it comes to designing an application.

  • App Foundation: This new framework announces app templates along with an integrated JavaScript environment with Angular JS and Gulp. The new design includes Motion UI.
  • Increase in the use of Node.js: This year a small shift will be seen in web application development field. Apart from PHP, Node.js is one of the programming languages that will be used more.

    Slowly, teams will shift towards the use of single language for web projects. With node, one can see a great push in this transition as front as well as back end developers feel themselves competitive in the field of JavaScript.

  • Elements of Web User Interface: Slowly, developers are turning towards the use of reusable dynamic components and this will increase the popularity of Polymer Project as well as React JS.

    With React JS; one can use fancy techniques to develop user interfaces quickly. Polymer projects on the other hand have a large framework that permits client side server and applications to make use of mobile ready design.

  • New JavaScript Features: Programming languages also get updated along with the time period.

    WebGL 3D will become more Web Development Trends & Predictions
    Technology advances by leaps and bounds. Every IT fielpopular as the speed of browsers constantly increase along with capability. More such applications will be seen that use this awesome technology.
    HTML5 JavaScript API will get more support from iOS and Android browsers.

  • Web Development Trends Predictions

  • Web API: Web APIs will be developed by more app developers. This already happens and slowly the popularity of a single database becomes very easy to maintain.
  • Single Page Applications: Looking at the growth of various technologies; we can predict that more single pack applications will be produced in this year. More solutions to such challenges will be available very soon.
  • Increase in the usage of Instagram: If we compare several social networks then Instagram is more popular as compared to Twitter and Facebook. This shows that people prefer to use more of image sharing social sites as compared to micro blogging sites.

    Slowly, more such innovative ways to share images and videos in new technology will be available.

Wind Up

So, these web development trends will be useful to web developers so that they can stay updated and know what will work for them or what they need to update when it comes to developing a web application that is as per the latest trends.

For more such updates, stay tuned with Softqube Technologies; Web Development Company India.

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