Well Known Android SMS Apps

August 16, 2015

Well Known Android SMS Apps

Are you an Android Device user? Then you might have found several apps that are pre installed in it and one of them is Google Hangouts. But, do you think everyone loves to use Hangouts? No, we don’t think so and we thought to do some research about another such free texting android apps.

And finally our research gave us good results; we were able to find the list of best texting apps that are available for Free and are compatible with Android. What is needed is just your Phone signal as well as messaging service from your service provider.

But wait, these are completely different from the Instant messaging apps like as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. If you need such messenger Apps then you can get them from here.

Best Texting Apps for your Android Device:

  • Google Messenger: Sometimes you will see Google Hangouts making the simple message process complex one. Google messenger here is the solution as it has many qualities similar to Google Hangouts as well as removes the clutter that is sometimes a major problem in Google Hangouts.

    Having enchanting eye catching design interface; it makes texting an awesome experience. Within the app; one can click images as well as record audio messages.

  • MYSMS: Just read its reviews from its user and you will find how awesome this app is? This app is available for both Android as well as Windows, Mac and other web browsers too. This means one can directly post a message from a tablet or a computer just with a simple Android Phone number.

    Android SMS Apps

    It also includes group messaging and MMS including message scheduling, message export and back up. If you wish to get benefit from its advanced features then you can need to pay a membership fee of US $9.99 per year.

  • Chomp SMS: This is one of the useful Android SMS apps. It has a long range of features like as emoji, passcode app lock, message locks, privacy options, blacklists as well as quick reply pop ups along with lots of customization options including Pushbullet and Android Wear Compatibility.
  • 8 SMS:
    This is a simple to the point text messaging app with some additional functionality as compared to normal SMS apps. One of its additional functionality is Quick Pop up replies. This app is available for free however once the free trial period gets over then you will start seeing ads until you donate some amount.
  • QK SMS: QK SMS is popular because of its amazing design as well as a wide range of themes, night mode, customization, quick replies, group messaging and ad free environment.

    Basic App is absolutely free however to have it in various colours and advanced features, one can opt for premium mode available for just US $1.99 in app purchase.

  • Evolve SMS: One of the apps that is highly inspired by Google. It has a look similar to Google+ and has a nice smooth simple design that is developed keeping in mind the current Android Style guidelines. One can use more of the themes by spending some cash for customization.
  • Mighty Text: It is not just a SMS app but an awesome tool useful for sending and receiving text messages from the desktop itself.

    This is an extension to your current SMS App. So, just select an app and offer it a mighty touch so that you can send as well as reply to your inbox messages directly from your desktop screen. It has also has options to restore and back up your messages.

Wind Up

So, these 8 most amazing SMS apps will definitely be useful to you. Keep these in mind when you actually want an option to shift from your current SMS app or we can say Google Hangouts.

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