Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2016
Which are the Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2016?
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Which are the Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2016?

No second thoughts about mobile app taking over the world by storm. These days you have app for everything. The mobile technology has revolutionized our actions, preferences and performances to a new level. Mobile app has not only generated hordes of opportunities for entrepreneurs, connoisseurs and indigenous people but it has benefited the end-user immensely. No matter who the user is, the value it has added to every day routine life, business, education, entertainment and even on-demand taxi rides is tangible beyond imagination.

Agility- Forecasting the Mobile App Destiny

One of the reasons these mobile app are in very much demand is its engagement driven efficacy and its integrated cross-platform adaptability. For the rapid growth and to be in the competition all organizations no matter big or small are betting on mobile devices and application to fetch in myriad opportunities of technical and commercial innovation. This would include, building process efficient and organization driven apps, alongside innovative product, quality service and loyal customer relationship.

To culminate the technology, would require a vivid range of expertise and technical prowess. Below are the crucial must have technologies mandatory for businesses as a part of mobile App development game plan.

Sketching the Agility is critical to meet the rapidly expanding mobile terrain

With the growing demand for mobile services and mobile apps, the pressure entails the frequent release and updates to cope up the market niche. Organization must have a mobile development platform which is variable or agile enough to quench the business need. A flexible development platform is crucial that sustains the web, native and hybrid using HTML5.

Top Mobile App Development Trends

The programming language such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS are the key tools to establish the capability of app to run on all devises and together with hybrid application like Phone Gap will contribute to the flexibility need to support the most advance portable device.

Customer Centric Captivating apps can revolutionize the entire business

The mobile technology growth has brought in large volumes of information from status updates to content downloads. So the app which is so small is swooping in a huge amount of organizations data, network and budget. Hence the business which is managing the increase in the data and activities can use the information to serve the customer better with the aid of mobile network.

Businesses which uses good mobile app platform with extended design pattern and aid features like push notification will have an advantage over how customer engage with their module, at the same the customer will benefit from more personalized, convenient and efficient mobile experience.

Cloud-based apps development the star of the year

Cloud based app shares the features of desk top app as well as web app like quick responsive, allows user to work offline and supports online updates without using much storage space. The cloud based application has increased its popularity as it can provide the portability same as web app as well as interactivity same as desk top app. It allows the user to temporary store the data enabling full offline mode and works even when there is very little or nil internet connection. User can share large amount of files, images, videos, music etc on through internet from cloud. Google’s App Engine provides the user to develop and run their own app on Google’s organization structure.

Among the development trends Apps like the Internet of things portraying the perception of connected world can take the dotcom technology to infinite level and developers focus on the secure running of the developed app without conferring the solidarity of the base platform will be amidst the highlight of the year.

Nitin Suvagiya

Nitin Suvagiya

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