New Android Wear Device: 9 to 5 Wear Watch Face

February 12, 2015

Android, one of the popular names in the world of mobile operating systems is also now slowly becoming popular in developing unique technology oriented gadgets and now it has launched a unique Android watch that is most useful to people working from 9 to 5.

Times are such when we often get bored and just wish when the time will end and we will be back at our home, sit in our cosy bed and sleep as much as we can with beautiful dreams of financial freedom. But, this is not going to happen until the clock stucks at 5 and it’s time to wind up. It’s a similar feeling when a child leaves school for home and we leave from office for home.

We constantly keep an eye on the watch and see still one hour left, 30 minutes left, 10 minutes left. Now, this constant worry will come to an end with the new Android Wear Watch Face. This wrist watch comes with watch face that helps us to bear the shift work because we will be aware by when we can be free from this office chaos.

New Android Wear Device

How this watch works?

Segmented radial approach is the base on which this watch works. This watch face has one simple function i.e. it shows when the work day starts and ends. It’s really very useful function. Even if your shift timings are different then the work day start and end timings can be adjusted in this watch. This can be used by people working from 10 to 6, 11 to 7, 10 to 7, 11 to 8 and so on.

It will also show some messages in blank areas that make you more curious to enjoy your free days. One such message is “weekend starts in 7 hours”.

Availability of Android Watch

9 to 5 Android watch is available in both analog as well as digital versions along with 24 hour as well as 12 hour mode. The 24 hour mode is mostly useful for military workers or those working in emergency departments like fire brigade, police station, ambulance etc.

One of its main feature is it includes optional date and battery read out along with settings adjustment which can be done on the watch as well as on the phone. Its cost is only $1.00 and works with almost every Android wear device.

So, now you will be able to complete your work quickly without constantly looking at the watch every now and then and eagerly waiting for the day to end because Android wear watch 9 to 5 is here with you as a guide that shows you the ending as well as starting time of the work day and also reminds you of how much near you are to your weekend.

Wind up

Now, no more waiting. Grab this watch today and alert yourself with the timings for a break, for a holiday, for fun, for weekend and everything. We will be really delighted if this post of ours benefits our readers and for more such updates from Android, Stay connected with Softqube Technologies, a well known Mobile App Development company in India.

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