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Overview of Joomla Marketing Techniques

August 14, 2014

Everytime, we keep discussing about Joomla and its uses, benefits, features, advantages and much more. So, today we thought of sharing with you the insights of how this well known CMS reaches to the customers and what marketing efforts does Joomla Marketing team apply to increase its sales as well as customer volume.

Joomla, we know is a well known Content Management System and it is a community driven system where community plays an important role in the market. How community and market are interrelated?

  • Community enriches the product and takes proper care of supply. It is enhanced with Project Marketing which is a part of Human Resource Management.
  • Next is Product Marketing which relates to consume and create demand.
  • HR & Marketing are interrelated and serve as separate functions with minimum overlay.
  • Joomla needs both product marketing as well as project marketing and so both roles are played by Joomla itself.

Product Marketing & Project Marketing:

Project Marketing focuses on internal marketing that helps to maximize the Joomla Community. This inspires volunteers to contribute in various ways. This community has launched a volunteer portal that will be a great booster in framing project marketing efforts.

Product Marketing is one of the traditional marketing areas that help to grow markets. This helps to develop the market. In order to get more audience to use Joomla for their web site development, it is important to develop the market and create its need. For this purpose, both product marketing as well as project marketing are of utmost importance and various marketing strategies must be developed.

This is what that takes this platform to be so popular and leaves a strong brand impression in the minds of people. So, next time when you use this CMS platform for creating websites, you will be aware that this CMS has reached to you due to strong efforts applied by Marketing team that has made its reach easier to the buyers.

Now, whenever you wish to utilize this platform for your business, you can get assistance from various discussion forums as well as directly from experts. Yes, it’s difficult to recognize who the real experts are.

However, there’s nothing to worry. You can get in touch with any of the well known web development firms who have mastered the art of developing websites or hire free lancer web developers that can fulfill your needs.

Still, if this doesn’t suit you then you can reach to Softqube Technologies, a Joomla Web Development Company where you will find expert Joomla web developers who can understand your needs and help you in creating the type of website you need that meets your business goals.

To make it even more easier, get a website sketch ready and you will also get further guidance on how to improve it or what additional features must be added that will help you to provide a flexible yet professional website at a start and then you can upgrade it with advanced features.

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