Basic Overview of Joomla CMS

September 29, 2014

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a free open source content management system (CMS) that allows us to build our website according to our desires. Joomla has lots of great features like page caching, printable versions of pages, RSS feeds, news flash and blogs, polls, and search and Multi-language support.

There are a plenty of extensions for Joomla which complement our website. Some of their functions are components, modules, plug-in, templates and languages.

Some of the latest Joomla extensions for web designing:

1. K2

K2 is a content manager that adds simplicity to our website. It has numerous features like media, image management and comments, galleries, tagging, front end editing, easy template and sub-template generation, user profiles and groups, blogs, drag and drop features. K2 is the best option for managing our website content.

Why K2 is useful?

K2 is good because of the following features

  • Media management
  • Comments
  • Tagging options
  • Front end editing
  • Responsive
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Template management
  • Drag features

2. sh404SEF

sh404SEF is the most reliable and trusted SEO tool that helps the search engine placement of your Joomla website. It transforms the automatically generated URLs into keyword-rich, SEO-friendly URLs, due to its Google Analytics functionality.

What is good in this extension?

sh404SEF is better than others because it offers the following options.

  • Joomla SEO add on
  • New version notifications
  • Global parameters for URLs
  • Apache and IIS
  • Caching system
  • Character replacement
  • Backend filtering system
  • SEF plug in
  • Integrated Google analytics
  • removes duplicate URLs
  • keyword refinement
  • SEO assistance

3. Joomla Content Editor

This extension assists us in creating and editing content with Microsoft Office and easily formats it.
It also helps us to Upload, rename, delete, cut/copy/paste the images and insert them into our website content. There’s also a helpful Advanced Code editor that includes syntax highlights for us to help us write code quickly.

  • Key features
  • Cut and paste options
  • Bulk upload assistance
  • Direct linking to files and folders
  • Variable editing options
  • Restricted upload for users
  • Highly customizable
  • El finder file manager
  • Advanced code editor

4. ACL manager

It is an award winning Joomla extension. It features in time management. Its clickable permission grid allows its users to easily manage Joomla permissions to our website.

It provides the following features:

  • Permissions per module
  • Editable modules
  • Editable articles
  • Category manager
  • User group permissions
  • Basic ACL support
  • Time saving
  • Assets table for fixing issues
  • Reset permissions
  • Multi language translation

The Joomla extensions have become one of the best methods for managing our website content. As the market has become highly sensitive and competitive, everyone wants to attract more traffic to his website to enhance his online campaign for generating easy money.

Joomla extensions provide that platform through which web developers can manage their website content through variable customize options. These extensions provide all kind of edit options for text, image, media etc.

The website running with Joomla extensions support gets SEO assistance, multi language translation in order to get customers form every part of the world.

Wind Up:

So, you have enough tasks to focus upon and you have a huge enterprise. Congrats for being the owner of such a huge enterprise but how will you manage your website and maintain the top position, Joomla is the best and full-featured CMS to take all your worries. For more details regarding this CMS and its installation including extensions, get in touch with stalwarts at Softqube Technologies.

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