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24 Jul

Optimize Your Page Images To Increase Site Speed

Being a website owner, you must realize the importance of website speed. In various surveys conducted so far, it has been found that website revenue and traffic is impacted a lot by speed of page load. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load then about 40% of people will abandon the web page and move to the next website in the search results, while if it loads in less than 2 seconds then 47% people are likely to stay on website.

Improve Website Loading Speed

Importance of faster page load to increase website speed

Page loading speed is important for website usability. It is also important because Google search engine algorithm and ranking factor is greatly influenced by website speed. With so many websites in the competition available on internet competing to earn traffic and ensuring user experience, it is important to ensure that people are impressed with site usability. If the website page speed is not up to the mark then there are likely chances that you may lose visitors in matter of seconds.

Optimize Image format

Images consume a big amount of bandwidth which impacts page loading. There is no possibility to downgrade the web image sizes or bandwidth consumption using HTML language or coding as it can only change the appearance of image but not its size. However one can using image optimization tool to compress images in order to reduce sizes such as using JPEG and PNG stripper or superGIF format.

Inline images into HTML or CSS

Page Speed can increase significantly if your inline images or preview them into HTML or CSS. Several round trips can be eliminated with images are directly in line with HTML or CSSS. One can use filters such as inline_images with different options (such as CSSImageInLineMaxBytes and ImageInlineMaxBytes) to further control this. Enabling them inline can reduce the image quality and therefore image load time can be reduced. The details about how to use inline images into HTML or CSS is explained properly under the link.

Use picture editor tools to resize images

There are various types of tools that can be used to resize images and reduce its resolution quality. One of the commonly used picture editor tools is Adobe Photoshop. One can edit image and save it under a compressed format with reduced size and resolution. Setting images or resizing them can be a useful method to optimize image size, format and resolution. Using these popular image editor tools, you can achieve the required reduced size of image.

In a nutshell, a slow website impacts traffic, page views, conversions, brand image and also your overall sales from website. Website speed plays a crucial role and it should not be underestimated. There are many things that decide what would be your website seed. For optimized page loading time, it is best to stick to reduced image formats like GIF, PNG, JPG and use some of the techniques mentioned above. If you need technical expertise and professional support to help you optimize your website and increase site speed then you must hire services from Softqube Technologies. The company has professional experts as web developers and designers that can help achieve SEO.

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