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PHP Development

Techniques for PHP Developers to Improve Programming

October 24, 2014

Since its conception in 1995, PHP programming language has became one of the most widely accepted programming languages in regard to web applications. In fact, web developers cannot afford to work without PHP. The reasons are its popularity and usability. Most importantly, employers prefer web developers who know this language.

Here are some of the best techniques that you need to learn about PHP Developers. Using these techniques will help you increase your efficiency, make your coding clean and responsive and help you perform better. Here we go:

FIFO is critical

Filter input and escape output (FIEO) is the key. If you fail to do the latter, it leads to SQL injection. Escaping safeguards the data. It reminds you that data that are used outside the web application should be escaped (trust issues), or else it might get misinterpreted. So, if you filter the data before using it remains valid.

Comparison Operators – Know their differences

In case you make use of strpos() to find out whether or not a substring is present within a string, the outcomes can be ambiguous and misleading. Remember, conditional statement considers it a Boolean expression and tends to evaluate it as FALSE. This leads to the failure of the condition. Here script comparison helps.
Use shortcuts
This pointer unintentionally fails to follow a useful practice of initializing variables before using them. It can make your code less readable (slightly). It emphasizes mainly on performance and speed. If you cannot sacrifice readability, you can skip it.
Drop the brackets
Just like using shortcuts, you can make your code simpler by dropping the brackets, as well. However, by removing square brackets you are damaging the maintainability as well as readability of the code. Therefore, you can skip this step also.

if ($gollum == 'halfling') {
$height --;

This is the same as:
if ($gollum == 'halfling') $height --;
You can even use multiple instances:
if ($gollum == 'halfling') $height --;
else $height ++;
if ($frodo != 'dead')
echo 'Gosh darnit, roll again Sauron';
foreach ($kill as $count)
echo 'Legolas strikes again, that makes' . $count . 'for me!';

You might not be able to make use of a PHP framework for each and every project you undertake. However, frameworks, such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, etc can dramatically speed up website development. One important thing – whether you use a framework or define the conventions and standards on your own, it is very critical that you consider value (keeping yourself in the shoes of future developers).

Leave strlen() use isset()

While considering strings as series, each and every character present therein is an element. If you get to determine whether or not a specific element exists, you can easily find out if the string is that long or not. Also, isset() can be considered as a language construct and strlen() as a function.

Wind Up:

Web Development with PHP is an easy task if carried out with the assistance of experts. You can also apply these techniques and develop an user friendly web application if you have some of the programming knowledge. In case, you need the assistance from experts then get in touch with well known PHP Web Development Company, Softqube Technologies.

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