Importance of PSD Slicing in Web Designing

August 22, 2016

Importance of PSD Slicing in Web Designing

A consummate and impeccable website will not only grab the attention from the customers but it also invigorates the brand and position of the company in this steep competitive market. That’s why companies are showing more inclination towards making a customized website so that they can get a good amount of web traffic. So web designing is not at all a facile job rather it requires some special skills and knowledge. A web designer’s job is very challenging as he or she needs to show their adroitness towards the clients so that clients get impressed by their job. That’s why companies who are into web design India sector are incorporating some good web designers in their team.

PSD Conversions – Why is it required in Web Design?

PSD conversion is a very important concept in web designing. Photoshop is widely used by web designers because of its user-friendly interface and robust output graphics. Photoshop enables designers to bring out the best images which would elevate the aesthetic appeal of a website and facilitate it to stand out in the crowd. However, the output of this is tool is PSD or JPEG, PNG which cannot be directly used in websites and embedded in the underlying HTML code.

This has led to the demand of converting PSD to XHTML or PSD to HTML and many other formats which are syntactically acceptable by the underlying code. This enables the code to run without errors and at the same time use the manicured Photoshop images in the websites.

Understanding the process of PSD conversion – PSD Slicing

PSD Slicing is a very skillful task, which is performed by web designers. However, it is essential to understand the process to get the best output.

Manual coding is considered to be the best technique PSD to XHTML conversion and conversion to other formats. This ensures perfect precision and output quality which cannot always be achieved by using an automated service. However, this is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of skills to master the technique to perfection.

Hence, nowadays services of third party websites are preferred in order to simplify the process of PSD slicing without losing the effectiveness. However there a few things, which need to be kept in mind, while choosing a PSD slicing company.

  1. SEO Friendliness – It has to be ensured that the mark-up which is being used is SEO friendly. Though a website is visibly appealing, it is of paramount importance that it draws traffic which is the ultimate aim. This is only possible by being search engine optimized. Else it would turn out to be an SEO expert’s nightmare.
  2. Quick page Loading – Loading speed is a critical parameter, which is measured very closely by everyone involved in the process. It is very important for the website to load as quickly as possible because it is considered as the first impression of the website. This is only possible by hiring the services of a renowned PSD conversions company. 

Softqube Technologies is a top-notch company which offers different services like web design India and much more. Their web designer team have enough knowledge and skills about different websites programming languages like basic HTML, or the Dot Net and PHP. They always embrace their clients with the best and the cost effective web design services.

If anyone needs services like web design India, then they should make contact with Softqube Technologies and take an expert advice from them regarding any website issues.

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