Corporate Logo Design for your Business

December 20, 2014

For every business in order to create a good reputation, it is necessary that you must be presentable enough. Logo is a visual representation of your company. For instance, if we look at the tick mark logo, we can identify it to be Nike. Choosing a logo design for your business is somewhat a very thoughtful task.

A Logo increases your impression among customers and partners’. With a perfect business oriented logo one can develop long lasting loyalty between the business and its customers, helps to create a long lasting brand identity, give your business a professional look.

Various types of logos

Logos are basically font based and image based. Let’s consider the logo of Mac Donalds, Microsoft. These are created in an efficient manner with a twist to create difference. Also, there are image illustrative logos like as Logo of a Superman.

Logos that cannot reveal exactly what company is into can’t be considered as a perfect logo. So, we can say that your logo must reveal about your company very briefly. It is one of the ways that helps viewers to identify you and recognize you among the competitors.

A corporate logo clearly specifies about your company associations. Business logos must be so easy to interpret that your viewers can know what you are doing or which type of business you run by just looking at your company logo.

Creating Unique Logo Designs

Before making a rough sketch of your logo, it is necessary to have the image of it in your mind. Then, you can write a one sentence image as well as refer to your mission statement so that you can easily focus on your efforts.

Logo Design
This is one of the important things while creating a logo. This is not just enough. There are some tips that must be borne in mind while developing a corporate logo design. These are as follows:

    • Have a look at symbols of relevant businesses in your niche: Are the logos developed by your competitors made from solid colours, flashy graphics? No, you are not going to create the similar one instead this inspection is to know and get the ideas as to how you can make your company representation image different from that of others.
    • Know what message you wish to deliver: Do you want to show reveal your goal in the logo? You want to show your ethics, working style, what message you want to convey using your logo? The answer to this question must be clear to your mind. And then keeping in mind these factors, you can redesign your logo.
    • Avoid making a complex logo: A simple logo with attractive design is enough. Your logo must suit at each and every place. It must be easy to create, easily remembered and something unique. For example, when you see the logo a dancing girl, you easily remember the product: Nirma Washing Powder. So, such simple easy logos that can be easily made in black and white must be opted to represent your business among people.
    • Avoid using clipart and trendy looks: Sometimes when using clipart and certain stylish fonts, the logo may be unreadable or may not be understood properly. So, always create a logo that lasts for at least 20 years and even doesn’t fade thereafter. Example: Vodafone.
    • Know your logo colours: The colour combination used for logo design must be in combination with that related to your work and that too they must not be more than three. Always do a colour study before choosing final colours for your logo design.
    • Protecting your Logo: So, finally you have created one for your company but now protect it with trademark so that no other company can use it. A protected logo can be used anywhere including business cards, websites, brochure, letterhead etc. This will raise your company’s image thus leading to more business.

Wind Up

With these tips, we are sure that you will find corporate logo designing a child’s play. However, still if you feel that you are facing any difficulty then hire an expert logo designer from Softqube Technologies; a well known Corporate Logo Designing Company in India to get the professional logo created as per the needs at affordable rates.

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