Some Important things that you can do with Google

September 8, 2014

Google seems to provide search results at a single click and gone are the days when you had to click on articles to read them. Now, with Google’s knowledge graph, you can loads of information as search results and it attempts to be the world’s most powerful knowledge bank. Here we have listed some important ways that will help you to use this powerful knowledge bank to speed up the tasks

Important Ways to use Google’s Powerful Knowledge Bank

  • Demographic Details: Google has each and every demographic detail about you when you sign in your Google account. Google can show the contact details available in your smart phone in the search results. Using Google contacts, searching the details of people available in your contact list becomes very easy.

    You can search using the name of the person. You can get the results till the time you are signed in. So, whenever you wish to find your contacts using Google contacts don’t forget to sign in your Google account.

    Further, you can answers to the questions such as your current location, IP address and much more.

  • Google Translate: Sometimes, we land on the web pages that are available in different languages rather than the one you are familiar with. In case, you want to understand, what that particular web page wants to say then Google translate is here to help you.

    You can translate the text into several numbers of languages. Sometimes, translations are very different than expected. This happens in case of long sentences while in case of short phrases, Google provides accurate translations.

    Sometimes, you can add modifiers like “translate from” and “translate to” languages. Further, with the Google dictionary, you can also get assistance to find meaning as well as synonyms of various words. Google dictionary can also be used to get instant meaning of the words.

  • Google Timer, Weather and Time Application: With Google weather and time application,
    It becomes easy to identify the time and weather of any location. We need to search for relevant things like as Current Time in London, weather in Hong kong.

    Google timer can also be used to complete the tasks within the given time being. It is mostly used on full screen mode and when the time is up, it starts ringing.

  • Get your Flight Details: Get your flight or aircraft number and use Google knowledge graph to know the arrival and departure timings of your flight. Sometimes, flight destinations are also revealed here. This makes it easy to plan the trips.
  • Unit & Currency Conversion: Now with Google unit converter, it becomes easy to convert centimetres into inches, grams into kilograms and vice versa. Similarly, it can be used to convert currencies like USD to INR, EUR to USD and much more.
  • Using Google Maps: Now, it has become a tradition to use Google maps to identify any locations and directions. You can also find locations by just entering a pin code in the search box. Further, if you are unaware about the directions to reach any particular location then Google can help you to identify the nearest landmark or get the direction including from and to points.

Wrap Up:

So, here we can see that Google become very helpful in our daily life and now it seems difficult to stay without Google services that help us at each and every moment. Keep in touch with our daily updated blogs to gain your knowledge and grow your skills, especially if you are connected with a technology field such as IT.

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