Advanced Features in HTML 6

December 29, 2015

Advanced Features in HTML 6

Nowdays, web is progressing completely towards app store development. The day from when HTML is launched; it has started receiving amazing responses from several number of clients around the globe.

We are already using the released versions of HTML for web development. However, the main question is how effectively it works while developing a website. The mark up languages works as per the requirement.

With current market ups, developers are struggling to include responsive features which make website semantic and speedy. It is a challenging task to develop high end web solutions with HTML 5.

Further, web development has various other problems like as demand for intelligent markup language which overcomes the obstacles of HTML5. Today, in this blog post we will discuss.

Some amazing features of HTML 6:

  • Dedicated Libraries: The world of JavaScript has seen complete revolution with jQuery including standard libraries. The amount of energy used up for jQuery is very high.

    There are several websites using cacheable versions of JavaScript across the globe. When most of the web designers opt for a particular library then it can be diffused with the browsers. This is one of the reasons developers expect for new HTML versions which can do something better.

  • Camera Integration: Today, most of the users prefer to use browser cameras for communication like as video chat. This has led to the increased usage of web cameras as well as cameras in mobile devices.

    HTML 6 comes up with photo and video capture feature which easily helps to access images that are stored in the device. The device also offers better control over the camera and increases the detection rate.

  • Pre processors which can be plugged in: There are various pre processors available in current HTML versions that can be used to transform languages into JavaScript.

    HTML5 includes a general version of JavaScript while HTML 6 tends to improve the entire code optimization process by adopting certain features.

  • Pluggable Languages: If HTML 6 arrives with effective pluggable languages then it will be very useful for web developers to create unique designs. Any browser can easily implement this feature within few steps.
  • Better Annotation: This is well designed HTML structure that supports article annotations via paragraphs, sentences and words. Developers are looking forward for dynamic and powerful version which allows annotations for videos and images as well.
  • Tough Authentication Process: The browsers must offer high and fast authentication while accessing HTML 6. Developing trusted software will help both the browsers as well as sites to work efficiently.

    For increased confidentiality and security; a browser can provide token signs with embedded keys instead of cookies.

  • Video Objects will have more control: In HTML 6, people are in need of additional control over the structures of video that is dispersed on web pages. The current version comes with a rectangle which includes a set frame from a specific video.

    The complete control is given across a text track that has annotations, subtitles etc. If HTML 6 accepts call back hooks as well as synchronization mechanisms then it will be useful to have world class videos.

  • Stronger Micro Formats: HTML tags have different headlines, paragraphs and footers. It is necessary to develop a perfect standard to describe general details such as address, phone number etc.

    Developing Standard tags will boost search engines as well as website quality. HTML 6 can be used by developers to locate a particular place, time, date, products, bibliographies and more.

Wind Up:

Most of the custom website development companies are eagerly looking forward to use HTML 6 so that they can improve their websites in the best possible manner.

Web developers are always in search for new features that constantly make websites better, quicker, slicker and interesting. All the above mentioned proposals for developing HTML 6 are really grateful for improving web pages.

Hope this blog post was useful to you. For more such information about HTML, stay connected to Softqube Technologies, one of the Professional Web Design Company in India.

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