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Do Social Likes, Comments and Shares really Matter?

June 28, 2015

Do Social Likes, Comments and Shares really Matter?

The influence of Google+ on its search engine as well as various networking sites deeply impacts the content rankings. Keeping in mind this influence, a new application program will be announced which will be integrated with social platforms in order to support any of the social media networks say Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

A recent study was conducted to understand the impact of social media as well as understanding consumer engagement across social media so that brands can understand the connection between social media and people in a better way.

Social Likes, Comments and Shares

It is the content that actually keeps the users engaged with social media and hence content is important here. But do likes, shares, comments really matter? Yes, they do because these actually show how deeply audience are engaged with social networking sites and how much they are interested to read your content?

Determining the Value of Content:

The value of content is determined by the number of likes, shares and comments. But if we constantly examine each of them then comment is more important than a share and a share is more important than a like.

Comment shows the views of the audience, shares show the interest of the audience while like is just a sign that they love your content. The value of comment is four times more than a like. Hence, it’s necessary to understand the content deeply to know its worth.

Understand your Content:

So, if you really wish to optimize your social media strategy then it’s advisable to understand your content first. What content actually attracts visitors must be understood and based on that interest, you can post updates on your Social page as this will get more likes, shares and comments.

It’s necessary to analyse the content and decide which platform is useful to you. Is it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Decision depends on the content as to which content has maximum likes, shares, comments or followers or Plus ones.

Platform varies from business to business and so it’s mandatory to do analysis based on the type of business as to which platform and what type of content actually is suitable for you. For such analysis, different APIs are available for different platforms like as API for Facebook is different as compared to that of API for Twitter.

These analyses help to determine the effective social media platform and help to optimize the content for the same. This really improves search engine optimization along with boost in likes, shares and comments on Social media.

Wind Up

Is it necessary to analyze every content? No, but those that are important must be to know the interests of people. So, are you interested to optimize your content and get more likes, shares or comments? Then opt for a well framed social media strategy and this can be developed from experts.

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