Importance of SEO-Friendly Website Design
The Importance Of An SEO Friendly Web Design
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The Importance Of An SEO Friendly Web Design

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is fundamentally a set of processes by which an individual can enhance the quantity and quality of the web traffic that he or she wants to earn through the organic results in search engines. Search engine optimisation can be divided into two basic parts: on-page, and off-page optimization. On-page optimization usually refers to website elements, which comprises of a web page, such as HTML code, textual content, and images. On the other hand, Off-page optimization refers mainly to backlinks.

SEO is a paramount factor for any organization’s growth and customer acquisition. That is why these days SEO is not an option rather it has become an intrinsic component for any enterprise. A plethora of studies shows that customers have an inclination for the top 5 results in any search engine result page, so companies need to take the advantage of this and should implement SEO strategies for the betterment of their businesses.

SEO-Friendly Website Design

Below we are summarizing some points by which a company can create an SEO friendly web design:

  1. Keywords:- Keywords also play as a game changer in any search engine optimization campaign. If a company indulges some wrong keywords, then potential customers will certainly divert their interest. First, we need to select the target market and pick the keywords accordingly. After selecting keywords, we need to input them into a keyword research tool. Based on the research we can finalize and launch specific keywords.
  2. Keyword placement:- While we have an adequate amount of keywords, our prime job is to place those keywords in appropriate places. Keywords should be present in title tag, Meta description, navigation, slogans, H1, H2 and H3 tags, bullet points, internal links, footer links, URLs and main website copy.
  3. Search engine friendly navigation:- We need to create Search Engine Friendly Navigation, which means we should design such structures that search engines, can easily follow. A major culprit in search engines is not being able to find a website due to the links embedded with images instead of text. So we need to make sure that all links and buttons are text-based. We should try to discard JavaScript as search engine finds it difficult to comprehend it.
  4. URLs and file names:- We need to put keywords in URLs and images also so that the site looks more SEO optimized.
  5. Social media:- We should incorporate all social media sites into our website so that it can enhance the visibility and generate more web-traffic.

In addition, India being the largest exporter of information technology and software services, many web design companies in India is sprouting their branches in this country.

Softqube Technologies is one of the pre-eminent web design companies in India which provides guaranteed SEO services to their clients. They put some arduous labour and work round the clock to ensure that clients can be guaranteed SEO rankings and their name will come on the first page of Google. Their experienced SEO team members have gained expertise knowledge by working with famous and renowned clients. They are known for their renowned skills in the following jobs:

  • Working with USPs (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Build a solution that will deliver guaranteed SEO results.
  • SEO activity with whole passion
  • Research, analyse and recognize the keywords
  • Build the web content and redesign

Therefore, if anyone is looking for SEO services and web designing, then they can connect with Softqube Technologies as they have already established themselves as one of the prominent web design companies in India.

Hari Patel

Hari Patel

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