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Selecting the Best Online Payment Gateway

April 24, 2015

Selecting the Best Online Payment Gateway

One of the important aspects of eCommerce is the Payment Gateway. While developing an eCommerce store, it’s necessary to decide as to which type of Payment gateway must be used in order to make transactions easy.

Certain Payment gateways can actually increase your sales and some can even lead to money loss. This no one wants in any business. So, it’s really important to select the right Payment Gateway for your online store which can lead to increase in sales.

Things to Keep in mind Before Selecting Payment Method

Well, before selecting the Perfect payment gateway; it’s important to keep certain things in mind which are as follows:

  • Gets integrated easily: Always choose the Payment gateway that easily gets adjusted with the website. This makes things easier and smooth transaction process can be carried out without any hassles.

    Certain eCommerce platforms like Shopify offer such easy to integrate Payment gateways that make payment easy for buyers.

  • Offers good Cart Options: Always select the Payment gateway that offers great cart options. This means your customers must be able to get several offers, discounts, promotional codes and also they must have freedom to select the number of items as well as save the items to the cart and return back to the site as and when needed.

    The more customers will feel easy shopping from your website, the more they are likely to come to you. Hence, always choose the Payment gateway that helps customers to purchase the products with ease as this will directly lead to increase in sales thus ultimately leading to maximum revenue from your online business.

  • Always offers something extra: Extra things include SEO and advertising fields. Certain Payment gateways provide options to optimize the store for search engines as well as make it easy to sell products online. These extras can really make a huge difference to your online business.

    So, keep in mind to look for any extras while selecting any payment gateway for your business.

  • No Extra Charges: Yes, some Gateways have hidden charges. So, make sure you select the one that doesn’t carry any extra charges and whatever it offers is clearly mentioned with no hidden conditions or charges.

    So, always cross check several times before actually purchasing any Payment Gateway and make sure every condition is agreed upon and properly understood before actually agreeing them.

  • Able to accept several forms of Payments: Some Payment gateways are able to accept only debit or credit cards or only net banking. In order to make it convenient for buyers to quickly make the payment, always choose the payment gateway that has several modes of payment like as Debit card, Credit card, Net banking, Cash card and more.

    Having more than one modes of payment will actually lead to increase in number of visitors. The reason being your store offers them their favourite or convenient option to pay money online.

    So, while selecting the payment gateway keep yourself in the side of customer and see which would seem perfect for you as a matter of convenience while making payment for any product.

Wind Up

Hope this blog post will help you to select the perfect one for your eCommerce Store. Certain eCommerce platforms like Shopify offer payment gateways that are really easy to use and possess all the required features.

So, if you wish to get any of Payment gateways integrated in your website or would like to get one developed from eCommerce Experts then Softqube Technologies is the one stop destination for you. Get in touch with well known eCommerce solutions provider today to get the services as per your needs.

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