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Advanced Protection System for PHP Installations

May 25, 2015

Advanced Protection System for PHP Installations

PHP, as we all know is the widely used language by most of the internet servers. As per the recent survey by W3Tech, “81.9% websites available on the internet use PHP as the coding language. The reason for its popularity is its flexibility, ease of learning and development. Still, there are some who don’t believe that PHP is a perfect solution for developing web applications.

Yes, everything has positive and negative points and so does PHP. The drawback of PHP is it has security issues and hence websites developed on PHP can be hacked easily. Yes, it also depends on the way you code any application or any website.

But when you allow the code written by others without actually verifying it then it can lead to security issues. So, make sure you do an in depth analysis and evaluation of the website coding before actually making it live so as to avoid any chances of being vulnerable to the hackers.

To do so, there are some tools which will be helpful to you and one of the well known protection system for PHP installations is Suhosin. Well, what’s that? Let’s discuss this in detail:

Protect your PHP installations with Advanced System:

Suhosin is a patch which is applied to basic PHP in order to save the applications from various problems like buffer overflows, format string issues and a PHP extension which addresses the overall session issues as well as provides filtering and logging features.

Yes, it’s recommended to have this system installed in your PC and it is available for every operating system like as Linux, Windows and more. In some Linux versions, it is pre installed with patch and extension. It’s also available as default system in Mac OS Server.

How can it be installed?

It’s very easy to install this protection system. Every feature is included in the extension and so one can install the extension and use a plain unpatched PHP. Yes, sometimes binary packages can also be available based on the type of system. Manual installation is also possible but still command line access is required at basic level.

Is it mandatory to use this system?

Well, nothing is mandatory in this world. The only thing is using this system; one can provide additional protection to the servers as well as your business. The use of this patch and extension is just a recommendation.
Yes, using this can definitely protect you as well as your users but others may get attacked by your server if in case if it turns out to be a spam.

Hence, using Suhosin is not actually necessary but it can help you to stay protected on the internet from expert hackers. It’s just an advice but there are also several other ways through which can easily protect their PHP websites.

Wind Up

So, if you wish to really keep your PHP web application secured and safe as well as keep users safe then it is advisable to opt for any of the protection system and in case you feel that you need some proper guidance about the same then you can get in touch with Softqube Technologies, well known PHP Web Development Company India which will provide you solution for every PHP issue.

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