How Android Application Development Company Performs Optimization of App Store?

May 3, 2016

How Android Application Development Company Performs Optimization of App Store?

The current cellular market is the fastest growing market (specifically app market) in the world. Like any other market, the app market is an exception of chain circle methodology. There is a close connection between each element of app methodology. It is important to remove chain link for mobile, and operating platform plays an important role in that. Without any recognition, it becomes difficult to recognize any product.

Android application Development Company reveals that the app store is the most prominent platform for the app to show its presence and App store optimization becomes inevitable for recognition of the same app.

Just what SEO means for the website, ASO is for the app. ASO is important just as mobile app development is the success of apps. App store optimization is the process by which apps become visible in search results in app stores like Google play, Windows store, blackberry world, app store, etc.

Let us now observe how optimization of app stores helps to drive more app downloads.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is categorized into the following parts by Android:

Keyword Optimization (KWO):

Keyword Optimization includes keeping the name of the app with appropriate use of keywords and it related to app nature, features, and functionalities. It is not imperative, and it can be an added advantage. Another place where you can place keyword is added description and keywords among features, specifications and text elements that can be read easily.

Asset Optimization (ASO):

Here you need to work more with visual elements. Create an attractive app icon and make sure that it portrays core features and functionalities of the app. Engage preview videos, information and attractive screenshots in it. It does not affect keyword ranking, but it definitely affects the number of app downloads. The apps that are downloaded more generally achieve good ranking.

App review management:

App review management maintains positive reviews and avoids visitors from ignoring your developed app. You can manage it instantly, reply to reviews and includes response to a negative review in an encouraging way for positive reviews. It is very important for app downloads. Another parameter that should be considered is rating or star on comparing your app to other similar apps. Look at app downloads on which you have not control, but the quality of an app and its approach towards users should be considered for increasing the number of downloads.

You may optimize app store with the help of Android application Development Company. It does not matter your app is ASO friendly or not. For proper mobile app development, consider helping of Softqubes Technologies.

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