Making Effective Social Media Campaigns

August 30, 2015

Making Effective Social Media Campaigns

Social Media; be it business or personal use; it is widely used in today’s time. Now, this field has expanded to an extent. Social media is now covered with various tools as well as easy to adopt strategies which help businesses to grow in organic ways without spending single extra penny.

With years of experience in the field, experts have now come with some tips and tricks that will make it easy for online marketers to frame effective social media campaigns which can actually yield the required results.

Yes, everyone wants to get sufficient return against the investment in developing social media campaigns. This blog post will highlight some of the useful tricks that can help business owners, social media marketers and more.

Social Media Campaign

Let’s discover what these strategies are:

  1. Develop ads for more than one version: While writing headlines for buffer blog posts, you might have noticed many of the options which can be tested to know what works the best. Same rule is to be applied with social ads.

    If you see a successful social media ad then it may not be the first hand creation. Many variations might have been made till it reaches the audience. These variations can be in the form of:

    • Several versions of the ad copy
    • Checking different images
    • Ads that suit your target audience

    In a nutshell, always create ads for several versions, check out what is working, and ignore the ones that render low performance and then something new must be started.

    You can try different versions by using various words; time prompts to create a sense of emergency. When it comes to images, one can test things like Product pictures, people faces as well as names.

  2. Develop a Habit of Using “Learn More”: When you create ads for let’s say “Facebook News Feed”, you can easily add one of the seven buttons with your ad. Here, instead of adding any other button; make sure to use “Learn More” which is very useful.

    These buttons can be added at the bottom of any Facebook Ad. Out of the seven popular buttons; you can choose the one that you like the most. These are as follows:

    • Shop Now
    • Book Now
    • Learn More
    • Sign up
    • Download
    • Watch More
    • Contact Us

    This helps to focus your ad to a greater degree. Adding such call to action buttons can compel customers to take quick action.

    Apart from all other buttons, Learn More is the one that leads to maximum conversions.

  3. Develop a custom landing page: If your social media ad or we can say campaign is there for increasing conversions and here the ad must contain more than just the ad, it should be such an interesting one that forces visitors to click on it.

    Some of the successful social media campaigns include custom landing pages. Your landing page must be equally targeted as your ad.

    This principle is adopted perfectly by eCommerce websites that target only single product and then the person is automatically navigated to other pages such as main web page having complete menus as well as related products.

Wind Up

These tips will definitely help digital marketers to develop result oriented social media campaigns. Get advice from experts and get one such campaign developed for your business.

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