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Increase your Mobile App Revenue with Ad Mediation

February 20, 2015

The process of assigning inventory management to buyers is commonly known as Ad mediation is often misunderstood by developers. It allows publishers to better control their ad sales strategies and earn more from their inventory.

Increase your Mobile App Revenue

Unity is Strength:

A mediation platform facilitates an easy integration and manages several ad networks for a mobile app. An ad network that gets a significant eCPM with thousand impressions daily may not get the identical results at 1MM impressions of a day. Involving many ad networks and testing newest ones will permit you to locate the best sources of purchasers for your inventory.

Focus on objective:

A well-performed mediation platform integrates targeting controls for easy allocation of app inventory to a particular ad network based on the OS, GEO, carrier, connection and other targeting parameters. This platform, then manages the reasoning to execute the targeting through the SDK and ad server.

Several SDKs:

As every ad network wishes you to integrate their SDK in your system, but this implementation cost very high. This SDK switch promotes making changes by rebuilding, QA process, releasing and getting users to install the latest version. You can append a partner within few minutes with a tag or API connection.

Also, with mediation platform you can enable ad network integration through both SDK and ADI, and some platforms also permit you to traffic tags for added flexibility.

Avoids the risk of losing revenue:

The technology integrates with ad mediation will evaluate the response from every ad attempt. If, by chance, an ad does not return, then it will move to the next purchaser. This technology should be capable of understanding “no fill” responses all over VAST, SDKs, API/S2S, tags and more.

Consider your priorities:

Mediation technique permits to prioritize ad sources, and control the first look at inventory. Changing your priorities or the sequence of your downturns does not require re-releasing your app or code changes.

Test the pricing:

When working with ad networks or ad exchanges, you will sometimes set pricing. Combining these price floors with a perfect mediation platform, you will get a nice tool to test the market and enhance your overall revenue.

Dealing with several acronyms in less time:

Mediation will give you two luxuries: integrating several buyers with various tools and utilizing new ad standards according to buyers. Some network will offer only SDK, but some will provide perfect integration through RTB or API, which is less costly but more efficient.

Wind Up:

With the expansion of the mobile market, opportunities for advertisers and publishers also grow to increase their revenue. However, you might have to face the challenges to fill space. A publisher wants to ensure the delivery of maximum number of impression so that they can drive revenue whereas an advertiser wants the best quality inventory.

Mediation platform offers efficient and streamlined transaction process. It also improves fill rates to offer improved results for advertisers and better CPMs. So, if you are searching for the most effective and efficient approach to navigating the lucrative and dynamic advertising space, you can always ask for ad mediation!!

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