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Affiliate Marketing Services: Beware of Fraud Affiliate Calls

January 20, 2015

Those who are involved in the field of lead generation and marketing for them there’s a new threat in the market and this is a very well known form. It is known as Affiliate marketing call fraud which badly annoys the legal marketing firms.

This threat came into existence when it each call made for lead generation was paid. This encouraged fraudsters and they started making illegal calls for advertisements, promotions etc. Today, it is one of the serious issues faced by advertising world.

So, what this Pay per call advertisement is? It is a form of advertisement where advertisers pay for every call they respond directly to. Calls are done keeping in mind the legal terms only with respect to product or service. The Pay per call campaign will then provide rewards to the well performing publishers and ad networks. This also serves as a good solution to catch the fraudsters where fake calls are more than fake clicks.

Knowing Call Frauds

Those who dare to cheat people can only enter the market. This makes fraud accountability and tracking harder for marketers as well as publishers. Such situations are really uncertain and it is the main area of focus for marketers and lead generation firms. Industry leaders like Eric Evnas are finding solution to overcome this problem.

Once the use of call generation is known, it can be used with brands and publishers in traditional and digital media in order to find the ways to boost call generation marketing. Recently, efforts are going on to reduce the gap between online and offline pay per click marketing. If we consider online marketing then we can make use of smartphone as now days smart phones are used to search everything on the internet.

The amalgamation of search, display and telephony in smartphone makes it easy for PPC and other marketing campaigns. As a result, fraudsters often prefer smart phones. Different techniques are developed that help in bringing affiliate marketing frauds to limelight.

This encourages more marketers to fight against the fraud in the industry and save affiliate marketing from being vanished from the industry because if fraudsters increase chances are there that people will lose trust in affiliate marketing.

New techniques to eradicate Affiliate Call Frauds

Affiliate Marketing Services

Various schemes are discussed to reduce or remove these affiliate call frauds. These are used to identify current plans adopted by fraudsters and then keeping in mind those plans, various ways are found to fight against them and save people from getting into the trap.

Certain experts also discuss their own experiences of how they were being caught in the trap of PPC campaigns and how they made efforts to come out as well as help their clients come out of such fraud situation.

Wind Up

In case you feel like you have been caught in any situation of affiliate fraud call then you can get in touch with Softqube Technologies, a well known Affiliate Marketing Services India.

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