Leading Vendors in Market for Enterprise Content Management System

May 4, 2015

Leading Vendors in Market for Enterprise Content Management System

The days for traditional website development are gone, now is the trend to develop websites using content management systems. Today, we will discuss about some of the vendors who lead in the market of Enterprise content management systems.

Vendors for ECM

Vendors leading in the ECM field:

The field of ECM is well developed however merchants still try hard to meet the ongoing business as well as employee needs. Factors such as increase in mobility, quick collaboration demands and efforts to offer better customer service are all responsible for the changing market trends.

ECM vendors have to develop either cloud based versions or such hybrid solutions that can easily amalgamate with cloud based deployments. These products ensure the end user’s satisfaction as well as maximum return on investment.

Based on the latest ECM trends, top vendors in the ECM field are as follows:

  • Open text
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • EMC
  • OnBase

Let’s discuss about them in detail:

  1. Open text: As per Nucleus Methodology, the one used in Enterprise Content Management System; Open text is the king of the market. The portfolio offerings are increasing constantly by leaps and bounds.

    It has highly focused on improving the features like usability, sharing as well as content access features. Further, its ability to quickly respond to the business needs serves as a significant quality.

    Apart from this, it constantly integrates with other vendor offerings in order to provide better user satisfaction. As per Nucleus, Open Text will streamline its product offerings and will launch new social as well as mobile functionality with a view to increase the ease of deployment and the entire usability of its products.

  2. Oracle: Oracle focuses mainly on developing the functionality as well as usability of its web centre offerings. It focuses on extending its functionality of content management systems with several other applications such customer relationship management, Enterprise Resource planning and more.

    This makes it easier for users to amalgamate, capture and properly administer the content straight from the application base. Oracle continues to enhance the usability of its solutions mainly focusing on user experience with advanced UI design and more content management integrations.

  3. IBM: With its innovation and increased functionality, IBM serves the industry with its cloud based strategy which increases the capability to exchange data across different environments.

    Further, it also has expanded its collaboration as well as various content security functions with a view to enable easy mobile access to mobile content management as well as it has launched recent upgrades to its content navigator which allows quick search over several systems and environments.

  4. EMC: This vendor focuses strongly on various content management integrations with a view to maximize accessibility. It only focuses on broader combinations to embed documentum functionality in various legacy systems.

    Maximum availability of documentum functions over all platforms removes the barriers to embrace and allow companies to examine certain functionalities before actually considering the entire documentum suite across the enterprise.

  5. OnBase: This vendor offers comprehensive business process management systems which can be considered on cloud based offerings. This has taken a dual approach to content management by concentrating on improving customer service along with the functionality.

    Its sole focus is to make sure that the solution is spontaneous and can be easily modified in order to meet the needs of small as well as large businesses. Further, it concentrates on developing ideal integrations between the cloud and on premises.

    OnBase will reinforce its functionality around the business intelligence and analytics within next few years.

Wind Up

Hope any of these vendors will be helpful to you in case you wish to have a complete well developed enterprise content management system. For getting content management systems developed to handle your websites, you can get in touch with Softqube Technologies, Web Development Company in India where experts are available to cater your needs.

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