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Some Excellent WordPress Caching Plugins To Increase Your Website Speed
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Some Excellent WordPress Caching Plugins To Increase Your Website Speed

Do you have a WordPress website? Do you wish to speed it up? Then, here you will get some caching WordPress plugins that will help you to boost the website speed. The more the website speed the better the user experience is.

So, how this WordPress caching exactly works? It generates the copy of web pages and then these are stored in the server as static files like as cached database queries. Once the website visitor arrives at a particular page then the server offers a cached page instead of re querying the database and generating it differently.

This helps you to boost page response times thus lowering the resources that are needed for developing a web page. For WordPress users, the fastest way to enforce caching system is using the WordPress plugin.

Here, we will discuss about few of the WordPress Plugins that make caching easy:

  • DB Cache Reloaded Fix: This is the modified version of DB Cache reloaded that is developed especially for WordPress 3.1. This caches the MYSQL queries that are developed on database in order to enhance the website speed.For most of the database queries; caching should suit several websites. This is one of the new WordPress caching Plugins which is tested by WordPress users.
  • Hyper Cache Extended: This is the prolonged version of the well known Hyper Cache WordPress Plugin. This provides several features like as 404 error page caching and the support for mobile devices as well as different compression options.In order to check whether this plugin supports mobile devices or not; this was tested on iPhone and OperaMini and it was loaded three times fast as before. It has a huge satisfied user base.
  • Quick Cache: This is one of the WordPress plugins designed by Primo themes. It is very user friendly. The admin interface drafts every option in detail so as to identify what every option has inside it.
    Wordpress Cache
    This plugin has an amazing list of various options along with the ability to disable caching for logged in users and also those who have just left a comment so that they can see new comments that are helpful to active websites.
  • W3 Total Cache: Like all other WordPress Plugins, this is one of the most popular caching Plugin for WordPress that is used by several well known blogs developed using WordPress like as Mashable and Smashing Magazine.If you use this plug-in then your blog can load 10 times quicker. So, this is one of the most useful plugins for posts and static pages that can improve load times. Innumerable options are available that can be used to optimize the website.
  • WP Cache: With this plugin; one can have the ability to determine which posts, pages as well as the files must not be cached. This Plugin operates perfectly however its update frequency is lower as compared to other plugins.
  • WP File Cache: This is slightly different as compared to WordPress caching. This only caches the parts of a web page that are static for long span of time. This will not necessary improve the performance or load time of the website but the plugins don’t need dynamic page generation.This is best suited for websites getting high traffic that constantly update web pages and WordPress users would like to control the portions of the webpage that must or must not be cached.

Wind up

So, these are some of the plug ins that can be used to improve the website’s loading speed. Website speed is one of the important parts that plays a vital role in providing the better user experience.

Hence, make sure you improve your website’s speed and enhance the user experience. For more such details, stay connected with Softqube Technologies, Web Development India.

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