Several Trends that will Transform Mobile App Development World
Three Trends that Transform the Mobile App Development World
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Three Trends that Transform the Mobile App Development World

In 2015, we saw various forces that completely shook up the mobile development industry. Today, we will show you the three important trends that mobile app developers must keep in mind while developing apps in 2016.

Mobile App Development Trends

Let’s take a look at these three trends:

  • New JavaScript: Most of the JavaScript was evolved into first class programming language option that is beyond its Web site scripting origins. This trend was demonstrated with the emergence of React Native in the mobile realm.

    Facebook engineers included this framework for developing web sites and then applied it to developing fully native mobile apps for iOs and Android. Its specific approach to cross app development makes it different from other JavaScript networks.

    The resulting apps that derived from traditional cross platform approach cannot match the performance of actual native apps that are developed specially for single operating system with other native languages and tools.

    The React approach is different from other traditional coding methods thus rejecting certain time honoured coding conventions like as separation of various concerns like as UI mark up and logic.

    React has its own JSX syntax extension that is used for component based coding JavaScript along with virtual DOM which helps to show several parts of UI that need updating.

    This “doffing” approach is transformed to native development in such a way that certain UI components are updated as soon their database site changes. This React Native ecosystem is evolving slowly and it closely fits the real React philosophy of supplying the view in the Model View Controller (MVC).

    These maturations will increase React Native for increased use in 2016 thus developing various accolades that technology garnered in 2015. This completely reinforces the fact that React.js is the perfect way to develop apps.

    Hence, native apps can be written in the same way as web apps using this React Native feature.

  • Dynamic Web: The new development in 2015 saw cutting edge technology and techniques that are seen in the Web arena might tilt developer mindshare away from strictly native approach.

    One champion of these techniques is Google that places them under the heading Dynamic web.This Dynamic web uses modern web capabilities so that one can render app like user experience.

    They get transformed from pages in browser tabs to immersive top level apps thus influencing Web’s low friction. The new progressive web becomes responsive as well as able to fit in any form factor, independent of connectivity thus enhanced progressively with certain apps so that they can easily work offline.

    Other attributes consists of support app like interactions that are being safe and fresh with updated information and linkable to zero friction as well as easy to share.

    One of the best examples of this New Age web app is Flipkart; an Indian eCommerce retailer that makes use of Progressive web techniques and technologies in new web app that handles various problems like as lack of network connectivity.

  • Citizen Developers: With the shortage of mobile development talent; most of the citizen developer initiatives took place in 2015 which fed the gap in the enterprise mobile app development.

    These are called “low code” or “no code” approaches or we can say rapid application development or do it yourself and various such tools that can be used to take mobile app development beyond the limits and then keep it in the hands of ordinary business users.

    Such solutions are mainly based on drag and drop facility along with project templates, WYSIWYG editor, pre-developed components, automated services and most of the programming that must be placed within non developers.

    Various types of citizen developer offerings were available and these increased last year with most of the well known brand new products that easily hit the market.

    Several other signs will continue to show no signs of letting up and various other solutions will evolve in 2016.

Take Away:

So, if you are looking for JavaScript jock or business analyst who can do some sort of coding or any web developer who is in search of new opportunities then in this year you will get plenty of them.

Hope this blog post was useful to you. For more such details, stay tuned with Softqube Technologies; an IT firm that offers custom mobile application development services at nominal cost.

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