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30 May

Hire Android Developer – Why and How?

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is developed by Google. Now Android is also used on televisions, watches, digital cameras, cars, PCs and other electronics. An Android developer is a designer to develop the app for us and has many other responsibilities as well. Mainly there are three levels of Android developer, that is
a) Junior level
b) Intermediate level
c) Senior level

When a company hire Android Developer for their organization at that time they must employ the developer as per complexity of their app for a certain period. They are known as a junior level android developer. After working as a junior they move to the intermediate level. In this level developers can work independently on quite complex projects for many years. After working at intermediate level they become a senior level Android Developer. Then they have lots of responsibilities including coding like they may have to take a decision and also may have to design the app.

Reasons to hire an Android Developer:

An Android Developer can understand the specifications of the project which is defined by the organization. As per the project requirement you have to hire Android Developer. There are three phases of any Android app that is design phase, development phase, and submission phase.

Nowadays most of the mobile app developers can handle both design and app coding phases. This type of developers are known as “Full Stack” developers. User Experience and User Interface are the two most required skills for any android developer as per as the current market. There are also many reasons to appoint an Android Developer, as they are:

1) They can build, develop, modify and design advanced Android applications for Android platform.
2)  If necessary then they recommended software upgrades for client’s programs and system. They also analyze software requirements.
3) They can manage the work of technologies, programmers, technicians and other team members.
4) They also can provide instruction on writing software code as needed.
5) They perform on upgrades and maintenance while modifying existing software to improve performance, correct error and also allow adaption to new hardware to maximize development efficiency.
6) They can work with outside data sources and API’s and also work on bug fixing and improving application performance.
7) They can collaborate with cross functional teams to define, design and ship new features.
8) They can work on unit test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability and general reliability.

Android developers are in high demand as companies in almost every industry to launch new mobile apps. It is very challenging task to hire Android Developer. You should ask the right questions to recruit an Android Developers like, what has he or she done before? Who has he or she worked for? And how many years of experience he or she has?.

If you are planning to build an android app to complement your web presence then you can work with Softqube technologies to find the right professional developer. Their all Android developers have many years of experience and deliver quality work.

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