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Happy 5th Anniversary, Softqube!

Happy 5th Anniversary, Softqube!

Happy 5th Anniversary, Softqube!

It’s been an amazing journey so far, and we are so grateful to be a part of it.

Five years ago, a small team of experts started the Softqube Technologies IT company in a small rented office with the mission of connecting the professionals worldwide to make them more productive and successful in the relevant industry. Since then, we’ve achieved a lot of promising milestones. On this special day of anniversary of our most vital and exciting milestone, I am going to make an ever so long blog post about our 5 years journey and share some milestone we have achieved.

This success within the past 5 years is as a result of a relentless focus on innovation and customers first set by our founders and employees.


The history of Softqube dates back to June 2009, when the company was founded. With less than ten employees, the company were initially offering product based web development services.


Financially, our first year was in loss. But we didn’t stop there – but our determination make us continue to evolve our company. In late 2010, we thought to stop our product based services and we decided that while the all businesses moved towards mobile and online, we needed to expand our services and make every digital experience of every device a high-impact experience.

And, we have aligned an effective strategy with constitutive innovation and targeted acquisitions. As the year progress, we have started service sectors with 3 developers for Microsoft Technologies and Web Designing Services. Afterward, we have keep up to add one by one milestone. The company achieves profitability and core efforts. In the hardcore journey, we have worked on number of projects.

I’m thanking Nitin Suvagia from all of us, who patiently and professionally walked us through the successful process, came up with great ideas and creative designing skills we came up with.

When we noticed the project flow started, we began to recruit new faces, about 20 + IT professionals hired that exhilarate and humble to observe our team grow. We also moved into the 1500 sq. Ft. area space and created better facilities including internet leased line connections, data backup and security etc. In fact, we have doubled our turn over every year.


In August 2011, the company took a big step in online marketing and started offering SEO services on a global scale. We are honoured that we now have relationships with 150 + partners who are satisfied with our online marketing services.


Whereas the mobile application market is relatively young, we took our next step to build, integrate and deploy mobile application with employing skilled and qualified application developers in 2012. We offers our mobile application development services for Android and Blackberry platform.


In 2013, Softqube Technologies acquired IVAPS (Innovation Vault Applications Products and Services) Pvt. Ltd. to start work in IP (Intellectual Property) related services and IDES (Innovation and Design Excellence Suites) product design and development.

In such a short time, our company has grown a lot. Advancing ahead towards 2013, we has started out offering an ingenious and cost-efficient iPhone App Development service. Just like a tailor knows which is right needle for stitching different kind of materials, our developers know which technology to use for developing a perfect iPhone app to meet your needs.

IT Staff Augmentation services also added in our service list. Moreover, our dedicated content writer work exclusively for our clients’ business requirements and play a crucial role in whole online branding through their interesting and informative contents. Our client list includes not only USA companies but clients located in Australia, UK, Africa and Singapore. When we hired a new HR executive, our manpower resource procedure improved in a positive manner for our organization and all the management system came so systematically.


Today, we at this position where our 50+ dedicated, talented and tenacious employees are celebrating “ 5th Anniversary of Softqube.”Since the birth of the Softqube, we just cared more about our clients satisfaction than anyone else. And still we do it today.

“Being tech-savvy, reliable and open to new ideas helped us to make the dramatic changes in the industry in the past 5 years,”said Mr. Harikrishna Patel, CEO of Softqube Technologies. “The diversity of enterprise customers needs across hospitality, and retail industries inspired us and then we also built relationships with amazing partners like Hospitality Industry, IT & Telecom carriers, Educational, Financial Institutions and Medium to Large scale Manufacturers to continue the growth and expansion.”

Our honest service helps to our clients to spend smarter and save more, free from of the pitfalls that are distinctive in our industry. We believe that a great customer services and great products could build a business that not only does good, but also does great.

I’m even much more excited about the next five years than the last. None of this could be possible without all of the Softqube employees, both past and present who have kindly poured their passions, talents and time into building our company. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thanks to all those. And most of all, THANK YOU for keeping your faith in us and sharing simple with your friends. We always look forward to satisfy and delight you with the things that we build for you every day. We are here to many, many more years.

Nitin Suvagia concludes, “I am feeling so proud of what we have achieved and where we stand right now. With our invariant willingness to reach, innovate and be successful, our next years will surely be full of new challenges and surprises. And we are ready to serve you the best we can!”

On this marvelous occasion, we are going to add some magic and color by celebrating our Softqube’s 5th anniversary with all the kind employees and their family members. And to make this day much more memorable we have organized a small celebration and award ceremony which finished with a delicious dinner.

Happy anniversary, Softqube and many, many more successful years to come!

Nitin Suvagiya

Nitin Suvagiya

He is working with Softqube Technologies as Director, since 2009. He has over 15+ years of experience in Microsoft Technologies, working as a CEO and also providing consultation in DevOps as he is DevOps certified. He has good expertise in UX/UI designing in any application.