Awesome iPhone Apps Available For Free! Hurry Short Term Offer!

February 1, 2015

Most of the time of today’s youngsters and even elders is spent using the various mobile apps. Some use reminder apps, some use fun apps but in short we can say that Apps world is the world where we human beings get completely lost forgetting even about our own selves.

I just sometimes wonder about people who say for them concentration is a problem and then they are easily able to concentrate on these apps in such a way that they are completely separated from this real world. This question needs lots of thinking however any expert psychiatrist can answer it in a perfect manner.

Well, we are not here to find the psychiatrist or solve the concentration problem but actually are here to discuss about some awesome iPhone Apps that are available for free! iPhone Apps and Free! Can’t believe, but it’s true.

Grab these Free iPhone Apps Very soon before they become chargeable

Anything that looks enchanting is downloaded very soon and this is the reason that this sale can end at any moment. After reading this post, App lovers won’t have time to waste pondering over, just rush to the App store and grab all of them suitable for you because opportunities knock only once.

Yes, be aware as no timeAwesome IPhone Apps Available For Free! Hurry Short Term Offer! is decided for this sale to be ended and the moment you see the price instead of the word “get”, understand that it’s no longer available for free.

  • Hollow Words: This word game app is on sale. Get it now! Because game lovers are more in this world and so the sale for this app can end very soon. With this app, you can get thousands of puzzles; word games to play that can relax your tensed mind.
  • The game works like this: A visual presentation of text is given for which the player has to suggest any short phrase or word. Interesting game isn’t it? , A must for those who wish to improve their English vocabulary.
  • iDrated: Doctors say drink 8 – 10 litres of water per day to keep yourself healthy. But who’s going to track the amount of water drank or how we will know whether we have fulfilled our body’s water need or not?

    This is one of the most useful, highly rated apps that help thousands of people to remain hydrated and healthy; owing this application, you can be one of them.

    Yes, it is absolutely free for now. Never know when it becomes chargeable. Take quick action!

  • Tymer: An iPhone app that is used to multitask the time. With this app, one can track the time taken to do certain task and how much time it takes to do multiple tasks? This application is compatible for iPad as well as iPhone. Simple gesture controls are needed to create new time such as swipe timeline to set the time, tap to label the time, press and hold to re order time and more.
  • Tag journal: This app serves as a diary for every professional, student, writer etc. One can easily jot down the notes as and when the need arises. The burden of carrying pen and book is removed.

    This is used to track memorable life events, thoughts along with images. Tag journal is the only app that serves as an all in one journaling as well as note taking app. It is a diary; ready at finger tips which is useful to pen down things anytime anywhere.

    This is also available for Free. Writers! Don’t think. It is a precious tool, a must have in your smart phones. So, avail it today!

Wind Up

Enjoy this gift from Apple iPhone and avail the ones that you love the most. Hope this gem like apps will definitely be useful in some or the other way and our readers will be definitely benefitted from this post.

You can share our blogs from here if you think that this blog post has helped you in any way and stay tuned to professional iPhone app developers at Softqube Technologies, India.

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