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Website development in India: Google plans to initiate Chrome’s Flash click-to-play

May 20, 2016

Website development company in India reveals that about 10 sites will be white listed and set to HTML5 by default. Google will soon move to another step towards HTML5 based web later this year as systematic depreciation and Flash removal continues to happen.

In a plan that was outlined last week, Flash would be disabled by default in the fourth quarter of the year. The embedded flash content does not run and JavaScript attempts to detect plug-in, but does not find it. Whenever Chrome finds that your site is trying to redirect users to download page of Adobe Flash and it also enables the plug-in.

See the below steps to download Adobe Falsh:

Step 1:

Flash 1

Step 2:

Flash 2

Step 3:

Flash 3

There are many exceptions to the policy and Google plans to leave Flash that has been enabled on top 10 domains by default on the plug-in. The list includes sites like YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and twitch. This can be a temporary reprieve. There should be a solid plan for removing sites from sites whenever possible – Twitch. It may be switching to HTML5 streaming and you should initiate to use Flash after one year the white list is fully removed. After fourth quarter of 2017, Flash needs to be enabled on every site that uses it.

Power of HTML5

Complex content of browser based games and it cannot be readily converted to HTML5, even when Flash moves to disabled model by default and it remains as a feature of browsers for quite some time.

For all the enterprise users like website Development Company in India, Google adds support to manage white list and ensuring that the corporations need flash for intranet sites and does not suffer. Flash is the last remaining plug-in and majority of the browser is strictly restricted that it may not be outright prohibited just like any other plug-in. Browser developers are consistent in their desire to push off the web but its widespread use and complexity of various sites are continuing to use it and it is not a straightforward proposition.

There are many website development companies in India, but not all companies offer you the best service. You may find many companies that make false promises to get the project but do not work on it sincerely. It is important to respect deadline of projects. False promises can make you lose confidence of clients and get a bad reputation for your company.

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