Affiliate Marketing as per Google Panda/Penguin Updates?

November 5, 2014

Affiliate Marketing The content is highly affecting and Google Panda has provided the latest update, especially for the online sites. An affiliated marketing India has a great fall by its content and blog posting, which judges the site according to the Google ranking. Post Panda is a tool that is updated a few years back. Earlier it was a penguin that used to target the profile link, EMD update that punish if no proper link or keyword is targeted. Now Google is not targeting only the top site instead it is checking the sites randomly in order to get the best result, while letting in Search engines so, that a user should not be in trouble while searching.

Affiliate Marketing
According to the latest update the content must be unique, providing actual content related to the topic targeting high approachable keywords and proper link at the end. The webmasters and Affiliate marketing service let the site let down. By the changes of Google (Panda) many sites ranked down, as it maintains the traffic and helps in getting the number of clicks to a particular site. Now, the question arises, will Google kick the affiliate marketing out from the web? Well, no Google has its own marketing network that helps in Promotion known as Adsense. It helps the webmasters to join the campaigns and promote the product/service.

With the last two years Google came up with around 25 updates for the post panda rule that creates problem to the site owner in maintaining and updating accordingly. But if a site has a large number of crawlers then they can get recovered soon if affected by updates of post Panda.

Advice of SEO for Panda Updates:

  • Make the content plagiarism free and delete the useless detail.
  • Always make a quality content with no duplication.
  • Provide proper links to the content in order to avoid error 301
  • Not to make Keyword stuffing or use the keywords repeatedly.
  • Always check the links before posting so that it could not link to a competitors site and target customers.
  • Post quality things with light file size that doesn’t lowers down the loading speed of a page.
  • Link the website to the social pages and do not follow the affiliated links that leads to redirect.
  • Stay update to the market tactics for Google.

To make residual income, target promoting the affiliated products hat gives sales for many more years with high commission.

Few things need to be done in order to maintain traffic and visible links on the web:

  • Build personal contacts and list by posting YouTubes videos, maintain G+ profile and making Press Release
  • Making use of Google SERP to target high traffic generating Keyword by Meta Title and Meta Keywords.
  • Keep updating the side Ads on Facebook that leads to hit and not let the link page let down.
  • Regular promotion in approachable, social sites like LinkedIn, Picassa, Instagram, Behance, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or YouTube to not let the sales down.
  • Get authorized Markup place via Google if site damaged or ranked down through Panda/Penguin update.
  • Targeting traffic through the search engines like Bing, Yahoo, MSN or Dogpile.

Wind Up :

Promoting the things can never let you down so it is not a fact that the affiliated marketing will be kicked off by Panda. Update your services with Google’s algorithm with the proper guidance of well known Affiliate Marketing service provider in India, Softqube Technologies.

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