Google Launches New YouTube App for Kids
New Launch by Google: YouTube Kids
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New Launch by Google: YouTube Kids

Recently, Google announced a new video channel especially for Kids – YouTube Kids. This is a new mobile app designed to offer family friendly content. In order to offer good plays, YouTube has also included Amazon and Netflix; two well known streaming video providers.

YouTube Kids app offers streaming content specially selected for families. This videos include Do it yourself arts and crafts, basic geometry clips as well as favorites like Mother Goose Club and many other training videos that increase the knowledge in kids and helps them to learn something new.

YouTube Kids App by Google

About YouTube Kids

This new app has a kids’ friendly interface and it will be first circulate this app in United States and can be used on both Android as well as iOs Devices. It has a really bright attractive interface that can be easily loved by kids.

Along with the attractive interface, this app also has a feature of voice search which will help kids to search anything of their need by just speaking the word with perfect pronunciation, a good way to improve English speaking.

The main important thing is this app is available for free. It also consists of parental controls like as timer to set the time limit for kids to use the app, turning off the app sound, blocking the search feature for certain things that a child should not search. Hence, a perfect mobile app that will fill the brains of kids with knowledge, fun and entertainment.

As per the research carried out by Google, many school going kids use YouTube for watching videos and all. So, this led to the creation of a special kids’ friendly YouTube mobile app which will keep children and parents connected with each other.

As this application will provide more tools to the parents through which they can observe and keep a check on what their kids are doing on YouTube. In simple sense, they can easily track the activities of Young kids on YouTube and limit some that they don’t feel appropriate for Kids.

A division that is growing rapidly

YouTube Kids is an application that has its own limitation. While dealing with kids, one should not have the filtering mentality as it can block the new ideas coming up in the mind of children. Instead, the best ways to train the children about using internet and as well as proper online behavior is to have healthy conversations with the kids an asking them what they use internet for or their purpose of using internet.

YouTube focuses mainly on family entertainment as it’s one of the quickly progressing part of the media especially YouTube Watchers. When looking at the YouTube Watchers statistics, YouTube views increased upto 200% during the same period in the field of Family entertainment while others had a mere increase of 50%.

Tough to Advertise

The mobile app YouTube Kids is free but still there will be advertisements shown for target audience and Google always is in search of target audience for their particular products. This helps them to get a good bunch of targeted audience where they can easily sell their products.

Advertising for YouTube Kids can earn huge dividends for Google and there are advertisers who are ready to cash out more for reaching their targeted audience with the help of this YouTube Kids Mobile App.

If we talk on the business front, YouTube kids’ application can be a good business platform especially when it comes to advertisements that target kids. Kids love to watch videos on mobile device as compared to television.

Wind up

Hence, with this new kid’s app – YouTube Kids; it will be easy for kids to study, learn new things and entertain themselves in every best possible way and being Family friendly, it will help parents to keep a check on what kids are doing with YouTube.

So, we feel that after reading this blog post, you will be super excited to use this app for your kids and now once you finish reading it; you will directly download it. We love to give such excitements to our readers and so we, at Softqube Technologies developing perfect Mobile Applications in India and love to share new updates on our blog.

Stay glued to our blog for more such new announcements!!

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