Google Chromecast Launched Officially in India

December 10, 2014

A new device is launched by Google in India which is an internet dongle like those available from Vodaone, Tata etc. This device will be sold by Bharti Airtel , Snapdeal at just INR 2,999 starting price. So, lovers of Google those who are keen to take benefit of its every single device can know definitely get their hands on chromecast.

Chromecast Insights

So, what this Chromecast is all about? Everyone is eager to know about its features as well as benefits. Keeping in mind the curiosity of our readers, we decided to provide all the detailed information which will help people to take buying decision. So, let’s discuss about Chromecast in detail.

This new device launched by Google is an online video streaming device, a very small 2 -2.8 inch dongle which can be inserted in your television set and managed via smartphones, tablets, laptop, desktop etc thus permitting all the family members to access any online content directly on their television.

This device successfully works with some well known apps like Play Music, Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube etc. It also gets automatically updated in order to be compatible with other new devices which may get launched in future in IT industry.

This Dongle is launched as a strong rival of a similar dongle “Teewe” launched by which is available at just INR2,399.

Very excellent device, isn’t it? But if you have a laptop and desktop then why you need to access the online on television. Well, this is one of the common questions any reader will have. So, this device can be used when you wish to share anything with your family members, friends etc.

For e.g.: If you all want to see a movie then on a small desktop or laptop screen, only few members can watch it. Further, talking about mobile or tablet, it is someone’s personal device. Now, if you say movies come regularly on various channels. So, friends they don’t come as planned by you.

Suppose, it’s a Saturday and the entire family wants to enjoy any movie of 1990’s or you all make a plan watch it together then here this device is useful where you can run that movie on the internet and watch with friends n family on your television.

A mini theater experience you will get. So, now no more compromises on your wishes as Google’s Chromecast is here to fulfill all your needs.

Availability of this device

ChromecastThis device is easily available on Google Play store, and many other selected Airtel stores all over India from 10th Dec onwards ( means from tomorrow). The official launch of this device was done today by Google however before its launch it was available and is also now handy at for INR 3,150, at Flipkart for INR 3,499 and for Rs.2,850 only.
Along with this, Google Cast SDK is also accessible for third parties who can modify their software to make it compatible with Chromecast.

How can it be used?

One of the methods of playing media on this device is through mobile apps that are enabled by Google Cast as these apps manage various operations of this device like as program selection, playback and volume.

Chromecast automatically streams the media from the internet inside the browser’s local version which allows device to carry out other tasks like as using another application without interrupting the previous media’s play back. In simple terms, two applications can be used simultaneously without affecting each other. So, on one side you can hear any song and on another side you can watch your favourite shows or play games or read e-books.

Very useful it is? Isn’t it? For those who love to do multi tasking or enjoy music with every work they do.

In case, any online content is not found then it displays a user generated feed which consists of personal pics, favourite movies, songs, live shows (recorded), satellite images and other forecast news. Yes, you can also create your personal feed and play it when needed.

Mobile Apps compatible with Chromecast are accessible by Android 2.3 and later versions as well as iOs6.0+ web apps which are applicable for computers having Google chrome ( Windows 7, Mac OS 10.7 + and Chrome OS for chrome books).

Wind Up

We, at Softqube Technologies, a reputed Mobile App Development Company India love to share the latest information with our readers and so here we have managed to provide in depth details about this new Google Device so that you can make a perfect decision whether to have it or not.

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