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Good & bad examples for SEO of the Meta title tags

May 21, 2016

Good & bad examples for SEO of the Meta title tags

You must have heard about the title tags in SEO, of course after all it is an important term!

However, maybe you are not aware of using it appropriately. Here in this blog, you can learn about quick tricks that are followed by the SEO Company India. It is related to the title tag, Meta tags, descriptions, Meta descriptions and more terms like keywords and its placement in detail with examples.

  1. Let us start with the title tag: Giving the search result page in the most appropriate manner to the visitors while searching is the primary role of the title tags that it is used for. It is included in the web browser tab and appears in the different web places. It is seen in blue color with a link provided. It can be pulled in anchor text in the social media channels.
  2. Where should you add title tag?
    You may add title tag in the “head” section of the HTML site. It appears something like this:

SEO Company India found that in most content management systems like Word Press, you may either:

  • Add a title tag in general settings.
  • Use an SEO plug – in like Yoast to add a title tag to the SEO title section and preview it as an example to see how it looks in the search engine result pages (SERPs)

If your title tag is generated automatically from the headline, try to override it to use either a plug-in or in HTML itself. The headline gives an opportunity to tell Google about the content of your page with the use of different keyword string and take advantage of it.

Meta Data

  1. Why are title tags important? : Title tags are the boldest element of the search result, it forms the major part of the decision-making process, and searcher may or may not click on the result.
  2. Are title tags used as ranking signals? :Title tags are considered as one of the most important elements of on-page SEO. If the start of the title tag consists of any keyword, it is more likely to rank well due to the keyword-based queries.
  3. How to write a good title tag: From the SEO point of view, the title tag should have all keywords that rank well. The most important keyword should be at beginning and should be followed by a second largest brand name. You should remember to write keywords for human beings. It should be formatted to some degree for search engine, and it is important for tags to make perfect sense to people.
  4. Title tag checklist: An excellent checklist depends on writing optimized title tags in the original post, and there are few minor updates on this.
    • Length – Title tag should have 50 – 60 characters (including spaces).
    • Keyword placement – Keywords should be placed in the title tag with least significant words coming last.
    • Brand name – If your company name is not an important part of the keyword phrase, put it at the end of the title tag.
    • Do not create duplicate title tags – The title tag should be written differently for each page. Do not mass replicate your title tag as it would have a negative effect on search visibility.
    • Make content relevant – Title tags should be accurate to describe the content of the page.
    • Do not stuff keyword in the title tag – Badly written title tags or repetition of words again and words can affect your content. Keyword stuffing is worst especially when it comes to title tag and you are penalized for it.
    • Make your headline different from title tag – Varying keyword phrasing of your page may increase the chance of appearing for various search intent.
  5. Examples of title tags: Enquire three keywords that make title tag more appealing. All the elements like title tag and Meta description should be placed as a tag in the head section of HTML document.

    Good example: ‘‘best burger in London’, ‘Nike trainers.’

    Bad examples: ‘trainers’, ‘burger in London.’

If Google does not like your title tag, SEO Company India would rewrite it in search engine results and pulls information from Meta description and page content. You should ensure that your title tag is entirely relevant, descriptive, readable and of the right length. Know more how to increase the company name through SEO by following Softqube Technologies.

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