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Get a Perfect Google Experience on Your iPhone

November 8, 2015

Get a Perfect Google Experience on Your iPhone

So, are you a Google and iPhone lover? Then this blog post is for you. Here, we will show you how one can get complete Google experience on iPhone. This means now you can purchase iPhone and use Google too!

Amazing, isn’t it? So, now you don’t have to worry and think that you will miss Google a lot because you are switching to Apple!

Yes, apple itself offers a very useful operating system along with a solid phone but some of its apps cannot replace Google and among those apps, one is iCloud. There are people who use iPhone but have all Google Apps instead of apple ones because irrespective of the operating system you are using; these apps offer a remarkable experience.

From now onwards, in order to use Google; it’s not necessary that you must be an Android user. An apple user can also be a Google user. So, opt for Google on iOS Setup.

While using this Set up, there are certain things that must be borne in mind and these are as follows:

Download all the apps that you need to have on iPhone. Google has innumerable apps for iOS. You can select those that can replace the Apple’s apps. These can be:

  • Gmail Inbox
  • Google Maps
  • Chrome
  • Google ( Search, Google Now and Weather)
  • Google Drive, Docs, Slides and Sheets
  • YouTube
  • Google Photos
  • Hangouts
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Pay Newsstand
  • Google Calendar

More are also available but these will replace the regular iPhone Apps which are installed by default in your Apple device.

Fixing the Default App issue:

Yes, you can replace all apple apps with Google ones however it still refrains you from making them your default apps for specific service. For instance, if you click a link in an app then it will by default go to Safari and to the browser that you have selected as default.

Google has implemented a very intelligent trick to solve this issue. Every Google app has a setting called “Open in” setting which provides you the option of opening links in the applicable Google App.

For every Google App, you need to manually change this setting and the most important thing is with this thing one can make any Google App a default app even if Apple doesn’t allow to do so.

If you look at the settings then you will get an option of opening file links and everything else that makes sense in Google apps. For instance, in Google Hangouts; one can set it in such a way that the links can be opened in Google Chrome, maps with Google Maps and videos in YouTube.

This is the best way to be in the Google ecosystem itself. Every Google App has this setting to some or the other extent. As a result, one will never have to leave Google.

There are many third party apps that support this feature. One such is Tweetbot which provides an option to choose between Safari and Chrome as a browser of your choice but still certain things like as email or Calendar cannot be switched to default Google ones.

One can also use an App like Workflows for creating custom share sheets and hence one can always open up Google App of their own choice from any other app.

Where Google OutRanks Apple?

There were times when Google Apps were not so popular on iOS. However, now days these can even replace Apple’s default settings. Among the most popular Google apps; Google Maps is one that can be used daily.

It provides perfect driving, cycling and transit directions as compared to that of Apple Maps. Another Google app that beats Apple App is Google Drive which is much easier to use as compared to iCloud Drive.

Google Drive automatically opens the files stored in the corresponding Google Apps while this feature is unavailable in iCloud Drive.

Further, Google Photos is yet an amazing app which is more powerful as Apple’s photo solutions fail to meet the needs. The Photos App by Google is a fantastic replacement to the expensive iCloud Photos.

One can get unlimited storage, editing options as well as a powerful search engine and very easy sharing system. Just enable automatic uploads and all your photos from camera will get automatically backed up.

The more useful app is Google’s Play News stand that is similar to Apple News but it is somewhat better to that of Apple News. Just add sources and get the news as it occurs and customize the app with the type of news you are interested to read.

The first or we can say default page is related to health and tech news. It becomes very easy to shift between the topics and then all news links can be easily opened in Google Chrome.

Where apple Beats Google:

So, we saw that Google beats Apple in various apps like Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Newsstand, Google Drive etc. Now, let’s see where Apple beats Google.

Google Hangouts and Google Voice are its weak apps. These can be used on iPhone only if the opposite party has them on Android. We can say that these are more functionable on Android as compared to iOS.

Google voice and hangouts fail to send notifications and comes with outdated design. Google tends to update its iOs offerings. Most of the Google Apps lack Notification Centre support as well as 3D Touch support.

Even Hangouts lack the basic facility of “Reply from notification”. Further, using Google Now in place of Siri is very problematic.

How Using Google Apps on iOS is different from that of Android?

Google Apps run well on iOs but still they perform better on Android. For instance, one can exchange accounts in Gmail on Android while this feature is absent in Google on iOs. This means Gmail on iOs works only if you have gmail account.

On Android, Hangouts is able to handle all the instant message needs which this is absent in iOS version.
So, overall we can say if you are a diehard fan of Google Apps as well as iPhone then you can use them pretty well but will miss some of the specific android features.

Wind Up

We are sure that this guide will be useful to you whenever you want to shift from Android to iOs or from Apple apps to Google Apps. Stay connected with us for more such informative posts and let us know how this post helped you out.

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