Break your Bad Writing Habits to Achieve Success in Content Marketing

April 3, 2016

Break your Bad Writing Habits to Achieve Success in Content Marketing

For content marketers and content editors; it is like a daily game to see several words from blogs to emails, flowcharts, ebooks as well as various plans for content marketing strategies.

There’s a lot of marketing content and each and every word is important. In order to help you in achieving sparkling marketing content which can attract readers as well as transform few of them into customers or we can say brand lovers.

Here, we have provided some of the tips that can help you to develop content which serves as an easy win for your inbound marketing. So, what can be done to improve the content in order to increase conversion rates?

Content Marketing Bad Habits

Need for improvement:

When we write; we commit several mistakes. These can be our lazy habits which we see every day. Here are a few of them:

  • Use Action instead of passive: Blogs are written by writers or Writers crush these blogs. Verbs are one’s best friends. When you use verb with subject; it seems to be a magic.

    Take a sentence. Assume which verb will suit with the subject in order to convey things in an easy manner. When you look back at the sentence, you must find it properly prepared.

  • Avoid using weak words when stronger ones serve the purpose: There are many words with similar feelings. At time; it becomes difficult to choose from two similar words say “Use and Utilize”, Inspire or Incentivize and much more. Avoid using bunch of fluffy words that we use on daily basis and actually you must not.
  • Capitalization: Clients generally specializes Manufacturers so this doesn’t mean that it is to be done necessarily. Words that are used while talking with co workers or buddies must not be capitalized.
  • Improper Sentence Construction: There are several sentences that you need to read more than twice, this can either be too much complicated or must be trimmed to cut it short.
  • Cliches: We can see clichés in every day marketing writing. These must be strictly avoided.
  • Unnecessary usage of exclamation points: At times, you try too hard when you use more than one exclamation mark. This must be avoided. One per content is sufficient.
  • Proof read again: Read the content at least thrice including spell check, grammar irrespective of the content.

Important points to be taken care of in the content:

Till now, we discussed about some important points to be written in the content. Now, we will discuss what one must do to market the content:

  1. Use Powerful Words: Words are much more powerful than any other thing on this world. Some of the weak words that must never be included while writing the blog are: incentivize, utilize, variety, very, impactful, additionally etc.

    For synonyms to these words; one must use Merriam Webster or Synonym finders like as thesaurus.

  2. Prefer to make an outline: When we were in school, we used to draft an outline for any story or essay. In the same way, before writing any content; make sure to make its outline and this will give you proper content.
  3. Write that you really want to speak: Use flowery language but less, make use of words that sound professionally good. The main thing here is to find the balance between using flowery language and clipped language.
  4. Try to make it interesting: Your content must be appealing enough. Ask the question: Who would love to read your blogs? Would anyone be interested to bookmark your website or download your eBook?

    In case you feel something is missing then review and rewrite it again.

  5. Keywords: These are useful for SEO purpose and will help to improve your online score. Make use of keyword tools like Hubspot to find what your audience actually wants. Those keywords must be placed at the top in order to maintain the content track. Let your content have natural keyword flow.
  6. Read out loud: Reading your content loudly will help you to catch your mistakes and transform a boring copy into something interesting.

Take Away

Well, these things don’t happen overnight however start from today, take extra time before actually placing your fingers on the keyboard and later on see how free you will be from frustration thus developing an amazing copy of content.

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