3 Ways to Increase Sales and Lower Shopping Cart Desertion
3 Ways to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment and Get More Sales

3 Ways to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment and Get More Sales

Online business has now become a popular trend. However, before actually stepping in this online world; it is necessary to look around and see how many of them are really successful and what has led to their success.

No work in this world is easy, earning needs hard work and so it is important to understand the things thoroughly before jumping inside. Nearly 68.55% of shoppers who come to the cart leave it without buying.

Yes, it is hard to believe but it is true. Such kind of behaviour can lead to disappointment. But don’t worry; here we will show you how shopping cart abandonment can be reduced to an extent.

Get More Sales and lower shop Desertion:

How to Get more Sales

  • Price is too expensive: A very logical and important reason for leaving the website without purchasing anything. So, to make people purchase from your shop; it is necessary that you keep the price after knowing your competitors price as well as finding the right price from the market.

    Once you do this; you will set the perfect price which will tempt visitors to buy things from your shop. Also, along with the product; always mention how users will be benefitted from the same.

    Show them the evidence that thinks actually work. Just discussing features is not enough. It is necessary to have things that show the viability of your product.

  • Some consumers choose not to buy from you: There are thousands of reasons that a consumer will prefer not to buy from you. The best solution is to deliver your product’s value.

    Apart from product value, it is helpful to know about the unique benefits customers can get from your business. If you can offer fast customer service with less waiting time then this will be one of the biggest competitive advantage.

    On the other hand, you can also provide special offers irrespective of whether you are getting profit or not. But first, your main priority should be to give good experience to your customers.

    In case they have good experience from you, then they will be interested to have long term relationship with you. As a result, you will get more loyal customers.

  • Improper Website Navigation: When discussing about web design, we often have discussed that navigation of the website must be smooth. Yes, you can use creative ideas on your website but not for the sake of user experience.

    Your website must have easy navigation. At times, your creativity leads to confusion and frustration among customers and hence they don’t buy from you. The website should be such that visitors are easily able to search via category and then find quickly whatever they want.

    A perfect example of proper navigation in eCommerce sites is Zappos.com

    Your users must easily get everything in just 3 clicks. Be it “Buy it Now”, “Add to Cart” or anything else.

Wind Up:

Hurry up. Check your website now and make edits so as to make it more convenient for visitors to visit your website and make a purchase. Give a close look to your website and see what it needs to offer perfect user experience to your customers.

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