Mobile App Development Trends To Look Out For in 2016

August 7, 2016

Mobile App Development Trends To Look Out For in 2016

A mobile is the prosaic gadget of most people these days. From e-commerce, web applications to mobile apps, technology is growing at a rapid pace. We are living in the age of the internet where most applications are handled through mobile phones. Evolution in the field of mobile development is going and 2016 will be another year of mobile development. It is enthralling to note that technology is growing and one can expect to see various changes.

The Need for mobile development

Mobile phone proximity and reach is immeasurable. It is the one gadget in this era that is available in the hands of every individual these days around the world. Whether it is a tablet, smartphone or an iPhone, a complete change is very much visible in mobile apps and the trend is growing. Mobile applications are playing a crucial role in our daily lives as well as in our businesses. A large number of customer demands can be achieved significantly through mobile apps and this is why large development is witnessing a drastic change as well so as to ensure more convenience to customers. Businesses are trying to exceed customer expectations and innovate or advance technology. This is why companies need to develop better mobile applications as well to reach target customers. If you are looking to get support for Mobile Apps Development India then you must use services from Softqube Technologies ( Now we have passed half of 2016, many new mobile app trends are being developed. Let’s analyze the world of mobile app development.

  1. IoT – IoT technology is rapidly developing over the years. It has helped in the reinforcement of businesses with the evolution of smartphones. One can expect IoT technology to grow to its full potential and extent over the years to enable it on almost every device.
  2. Augmented reality – AR technology is also witnessing progressive trends over the years and is expected to become a crucial trend. This trend is getting developed in most organizations in order to provide the best user experience and engagement. We will soon see a completely changed trend in AR.
  3. Virtual Reality – there is paradigm shift in the field of VR with the introduction of devices such as Google Cardboard, Gear and Oculus rift. VR is taking center stage these days and will soon transform mobile application services.
  4. Location-based Services – We have seen an upward trend and can see a whole new world of possibilities to help interact with potential customers.
  5. Artificial Intelligence – AI is becoming a mainstream for major companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon. 2016 may seem a transformation in use of AI technology as companies look to discover news ways to apply it.
  6. Cloud-based App Development – There is a boom in the cloud based technology and expected to take Centre stage in 2016. Technologies are getting developed to integrate mobile applications with smartphone devices and wearable technology. The ability to sync devices and mobile phone apps is on the rise. In 2016, we will soon see cloud technology playing a significant role in mobile app development.

Customer demand for getting the best mobile app experience is also increasing over the years. Companies are trying to achieve customer expectation by providing innovative uses of technology. This is where Mobile apps development India comes in. Use services from Softqube Technologies and get the desired mobile app developed.

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