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Future of Silverlight Development: Survival or End

July 9, 2014

Few years ago, in order to compete with Adobe Flash; Microsoft launched its new software known as Silverlight. Its demand is somewhat reduced but it is still preferred by many for developing interactive applications. So, it is most popular around the world for web development.

Videos developed using Silverlight are of high quality. With this technology, developers can easily work on different web applications. It smoothly works with the browser however sometimes plug- INS are required to run it efficiently.

With the arrival of new programming language- HTML 5, there are rumors that Silverlight is dead or will get vanished from the industry as HTML 5 is an easy coding language that is used for web development.

Future of Silverlight:

Actually, sometimes what we see is completely opposite to that of reality. Here, in case of Silverlight application Development, even though it seems that in future HTML 5 will be more preferable as a best solution for web development and due to this Silverlight won’t exist. However, this is not true as Microsoft has promised to release a new version Silverlight 5 with better features that makes web development easier.

Still there are rumors regarding the future of Silverlight and some of the analysts claim that it will be dead after the release of Silverlight 5. However, this may not be true as many companies deeply reply on this technology to create innovative web applications. Many of the advantages of Silverlight might prevent Microsoft from taking this technology out of the industry.

As it is mainly used for many of the Microsoft’s products such as the latest Windows 7 mobile device and CRM 2011 so removing Silverlight can also affect the sale of these and many other Microsoft devices that have apps developed using Silverlight.

Furthermore, many Microsoft partnerships solely rely on Silverlight development including those from vendors to end clients. If in case, this technology vanishes then the entire ecosystem of Microsoft can be in a deep trouble and Microsoft will have to face lots of problems related to the Development sector if it knocks off Silverlight from the market.

Considering in mind, the opinion of those who are against HTML 5; these analysts highly prefer Silverlight to carry on as a development technology, however it may not work with every browser. So, applications developed with this technology will be browser specific. But still, we can say that Silverlight & its development can maintain its presence in the market with some of the renovations and this may assist it to regain its popularity as the most proficient Development technologies produced by Microsoft.


Whether Silverlight is going to regain its position in the market is a type of question that can have an unending debate. However, for those who wish to have applications developed using Silverlight then our Silverlight Application development company Softqube Technologies is always here to assist them.

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