What Are the Estimated Flutter App Development Costs To be Considered in 2022?

March 14, 2022

What Are the Estimated Flutter App Development Costs To be Considered in 2022?

With everything transforming into a new normal post-pandemic, the same has been said and done in choosing app development platforms for entrepreneurs. Cross-platform app development has taken over the stage from native app development for most business enterprises. And nowadays, Flutter is in the limelight strutting over its attractive features and benefits in the development community.

More than half of the developer community around the world likes Flutter. It is so well-known for its quick development process with more than better efficiency and output as compared to others. Flutter app development cost in 2022 may not vary from 2021, however, there are a few factors we need to know and understand for the present year. 

Statista reveals that Flutter is the second most popular cross-platform framework amongst the top 10 frameworks in the world.

The blog shares the average estimated flutter app development cost 2022 and the reasons why you should consider Flutter for your next project.

What is Flutter app development?

Flutter is an open-source single codebase technology for developing mobile, desktop, and web apps for usability on multiple platforms. It’s developed by Google and by far a complete SDK solution despite the fact that the technology is relatively new in comparison to the already existing ones like React Native.

When clients ask about developing budget-friendly apps, the answer always varies according to the project requirements. Flutter app development is trending and hot, that’s a constant not variable.

So, why not develop Android and iOS apps at the same time with none other than the Flutter app development tool?

It is proven that Flutter is ideal for cross-platform app development because it’s not a library or a framework, rather a software development kit (SDK).

We often see that Flutter is compared with related technologies like React Native, Xamarin, and Kotlin. Sure, you develop an app by looking into the tech stack however, getting to know what’s trending is vital. 

Core Factors Affecting Flutter App Development cost


To build a custom mobile app can never be bargained. However, there may a lot of savings going into your pocket only if your approach towards the process is well known and surrounded by the three vital factors that largely determine the sum. 


You can build Flutter apps for any kind of platform. However, for some, it may not be worth it. For instance, if you want to commission an Android smart TV app, you must realize that developers will have to build the entire control logic anew. Why? The touchscreen and mouse operations Flutter relies on don’t dovetail into remote control inputs employed in such smart TVs.  

Feature Range

The cost of app development is decided on an hourly basis for any development company. Developers need a specific quantity of hours to create an app and to build its features that stand out both in number and in complexity. Fewer and simple features need very less time to develop, and thus they cost cheaper than other apps. 

Some features are built easily while some take the entire day. Costly features include chatting, navigation, payment integration, and all these take around 300 hours to develop. Flutter developers need more time to develop the same feature as compared to others who build apps on the native platform. 

Developer’s Location

The developing companies who come from various regions have different hourly fees for their services. North Americans and Australians charge higher and then come to Western European countries. The charges of Latin American, East Europe, and South Asian are affordable and within the range of between $25 to $50 per hour. 

Finding out a Flutter outsourcer for your app project, you should look at the quality of the implementation. The Ukrainian companies tick all the boxes. Ukraine engineers can create a product that will meet your expectations. 

However, do take note that every app has its unique requirements and therefore the potential expenditures are gauged accordingly.

How Much Does the Flutter App Cost in different stages?


The cost structure for building Flutter applications always remains variable. Because there are so many factors that we need to consider project-wise. A fitness app with meal plans, workout tips, and a weight diary, would cost anything between $25,000 and $35,000. A more advanced app with voice calls involved can be developed for up to $48,000. To come down to a precise sum, all you need is to cooperate with the developer. The cost of assessment continues in the following manner.

Discovery stage

At this stage, you conduct meetings with project managers and analysts. You assess the potential risks and solutions to estimate the terms. Also, here you need to have a general overview of the minimum and maximum time required for the project completion. Overall, you must find out how viable this project can turn out to be from a financial viewpoint.

Creating the project specification

Based on the data you provide, outsourcers create a wireframe of the app – the blueprint of a kind where you can see what the UI will look like.  

Only after that, detailed estimation of the project is possible. Once you agree upon the budget, project provisions, and wireframes, the development phase starts. 

Considering additional expenditures

In addition to the above, you must be completely aware of the attached expenditure that includes the following attributes:

  • The strength and reliability of the server used for processing and storing the data, app performance, and the power of the UX. All these factors must be considered to avoid any compromise on the client’s security of personal and financial information. Such services can be hired with a minimum of $1500 a year
  • There are charges to keep your app on the virtual shelves. To upload your app at Google Play, you must make a one-time payment of $25. For the Apple store, it depends on the kind of app and begins with an annual fee from $99 to $299 including the vendor’s charge.
  • The app’s longevity can be maintained and updated with an expense. Significant sums need to be invested in this process. Sometimes the update expenses exceed the development costs

Average Flutter app development cost in 2022


So coming to the real numbers that you want to know. How much does it cost to develop an app on Flutter? And how much time does the development take? What are the business models that suit your project?

On average, the flutter app development cost in 2022 can be between the range of $25000 – $70000.

App type (based on complexity) Time required Cost Required
  • Simple flutter app development
  • Example, basic apps like calculators, clocks etc.
  • 250-300 hours
  • $25,000 – 40,000
  • Moderate/medium complex flutter app development
  • Example, weather apps, apps with user profiling like dating apps
  • 400-650 hours
  • $35,000 – 50,000
  • Multi screens app
  • Example, ecommerce apps
  • 600-850 hours
  • $40,000 – 60,000
  • Highly multifaceted or complex flutter app development
  • Example, on-demand apps like Uber, Careem
  • More than 900 hours
  • $50,000-70,000

However, a skilled US Flutter software developer rate is around $80,000PA. Again, it all depends on the project requirements/features integration, and from where do you hire your development team.

Common app development features Time required (tentative) Cost required
  • Push notification
  • 4 Days
  • $3,500
  • User friendly navigation
  • 6-7 Days
  • $13,000
  • Chat
  • 3 Days
  • $7,000
  • Payment gateway integration
  • 4 Days
  • $3,500

How to Save Money on Flutter App Development?


Thinking on how to develop apps at reasonable costs is very common and normal. Any client starts thinking of the most effective ways to build an app and reduce costs for the development. For this reason, you must always offer a discovery phase before the start of the project. A discovery phase, also known as business analysis, is the best way to explore all requirements appropriately, define the project scope, timeline, and team composition. The deliverables of a discovery phase guarantee that your project will be delivered in the most efficient way, with minimum change requests, at a reasonable and predictable price.

Flutter Suitable for MVP development and for startups

Who would not want market ready solutions to cut over the unwanted time to contemplate. The compatibility of Flutter with the Firebase eases the hassle of getting a separate backend development for even a simple MVP.

How can Flutter become inexpensive for MVP development

  • With a single code base, you don’t have to develop two versions that work on Android and iOS.
  • Flexible user interfaces, improved customer experience.
  • Less time taking, faster development – developers consume very less time to create when they choose to build an MVP with Flutter.
  • Close collaboration between teams is possible especially when an immediate change is required for app quality.
  • The hot reload function enables developers to do experimentation fast, add new features, fix bugs.
  • Native performance – apps developed with Flutter deliver the best native experience for users.
  • Flutter apps are designed and feature-rich (supports a wide range of widgets), attracting investors more.
  • Best for cross-platform app development.
  • Flutter reduces the requirement for resources onboarding since it has Firebase integration, no need for server-side programming.
  • Fasten the time to market.
  • A brainchild of Google, reliability is high, massive community support.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to hire someone, it is advisable to outsource the expertise of the Flutter app development team. Also, it is recommended to choose the team for a long-term project requirement. 

In addition, you must align all your decisions, timeline, requirements, business goals, and app type/category. Companies like Softqube Technologies can help you out to develop amazing Flutter apps that can create a benchmark for your industry. If you have any such ideas, do share them with us. We are ready to give you the best team to develop your awesome app for android or iOS platforms, whichever you prefer.


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