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5 Tips and Tricks for Effective eCommerce Websites with 10 Brilliant Examples

July 6, 2017

5 Tips and Tricks for Effective eCommerce Websites with 10 Brilliant Examples

“You can just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.”-Joel Anderson, Walmart CEO.

Pondering further on the above quote, Paul Graham, Y Combinator says that “You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and drag them back to your store.”

Don’t you all agree with the above two when it comes to the virtual world? As per the words of two great personalities, it is utmost important to maintain traffic while you also dissect the movement of customer and fulfil their demand and ensure to meet their expectations in order to get an extraordinary response from people across the globe. This article will help you to perceive effective ways to design e-commerce website and to get rid of a rut.

In the era of digitalisation, people and things are also transforming day by day. Similarly, people are engrossing towards e-commerce. Everyone in the world wants to facilitate their day to day life. When it comes to shopping, people prefer online shopping to save time, invest smartly, and to avoid a trip to local stores. If people don’t find things according to their taste then it is obvious that they won’t spend a single second to experience it. Men avoid spending much time on shopping while girls love to shop but they switch shops frequently if the stuff fails to attract their attention. Similarly, during online shopping, it is crucial to engage the customer. On an e-commerce website, it is crucial to have the following factors to engross customer to your website who end up generating some revenue:

  • Price
  • Material
  • Brand
  • Ensure quality
  • Colour of website (depends on colour theory for marketing)
  • Range of products available at same website
  • User friendly
  • Eye catchy
  • Attractive
  • Facilitates payment methods
  • Optimal return policy
  • Best customer care service
  • Warranty on relevant items
  • ISO certified
  • Less perplexed
  • Overt

Tips and tricks

It has been observed that e-commerce has extensively matured and grown rapidly to meet the demand of customers. But sometimes it is hard to design e-commerce website keeping an eye on the above factors. So dear readers, tie-up your seat belts and get ready for the most amazing journey of various tips and tricks for an effective e-commerce website with brilliant 10 examples with which you can step into the competitive world in order to gain maximum traffic and profit:

  • Be Specific In What You Are Providing: It is crucial to be overt and clear about the product your website is providing. The customer must not find himself in commotion after seeing your website. All the policies, rules, payment option, shipping charges, reviews, and offer must be clear to the customer. Up-front must not be discrete and the advertisement must be seamless.

The best example is Amazon. Have you ever visited If not, then visit and enjoy the personalised homepage as per your need. Another amazing example would be Abel & Cole and Bella Vita that provide strong up-front proposition and core value.

  • Navigation Must Have Multiple Ways: In order to satisfy customer needs, it is crucial to understand the way customer navigates for a product. A customer can put any word to search his desired product. Maybe the customer is clear from his end about what he is actually searching for yet do not find relevant options. Or, it may also happen that they come for window shopping and finds something useful for them. It rarely happens that customer is in an awful mood and put a vague keyword to find the stuff in his mind. In the prevailing circumstances, it is necessary to help the customer to make their online shopping experience hassle-free.

It will be great if you somehow manage to compel your customer to visit again in the future by providing a recommendation community.

E-commerce economy

Relevant examples are Walmart, Accessories Online and Monreal London. Accessories online provide the customers with what is needed or required by the customer. Walmart creates a bridge between them and their customers by providing options for feedback and comments on products which also helps to improve the quality of the website. Monreal London offers a few navigation options to search for desired product.

  • Informative and User-Friendly: These days’ people are perceptive, haggle over the price of products and look for a wide range of product with the proper description in order to save time, energy, money and visit smartly. On the off chance, people will invest their time to buy other things if your website saves people from undergoing commotion or going through improper and incomplete information. In order to simplify the shopping process, it is crucial to facilitate systematically. It is quite obvious that customer may opt to your competitor, if finding desired product with you may put him in peeve situation. In a nutshell, it is a race of two parties. For a customer, finding the desired product in less time and at a reasonable cost is crucial whereas, for a seller, it is crucial to meet the demand of the customer.

The optimal example of an informative website is born shoes and Archiduchesse. A born shoe is responsive, user-friendly, and provides location based services. Archiduchesse provides ease of purchasing and easy functioning of the website.

  • Extra Benefits to Customers: Why one should purchase anything from your website? Why will the customer be mesmerised your website for online shopping? Everyone wants extra benefits. The above three points will enhance the effectiveness of the website in order to provide ease to the customer during online shopping but these things are basic and common for all e-commerce These extra benefits in terms of the offer, heavy discount, on time delivery, better customer care service, reminder during the sale, a consistent communication with customers like wishing in festivals etc. The advanced feature will be for the benefit of the customer and worth memorising for them. It develops a healthy relationship with the customer and compels them to mesmerise you.

A most suitable example is personalised mall which offers gift giving services.

  • 3 Awful Situations To Be Avoided: In order to provide hassle-free service and a great experience to the customer, e-commerce website does all the possible things from attracting customers, engaging them in website, providing them quality product with all information at reasonable rate to various methods of payment and providing advanced features to make customer feel good. But sometimes it so happens that the customer is surprised by disclosed to certain terms and conditions at the last moment. Incomplete disclosure of policies or terms and conditions etc at the end may disappoint. The 3 relevant points to keep in mind:
    • Privacy and Security: Due to the increased number of scam and frauds, it is hard to believe anyone these days. It is crucial to clearly mention about the set of fair information practices in your privacy policy and it must be strictly followed. It must be clear that the following steps will not gain access to the private information of the customer. The website must prefer a secure connection in order to avoid doubts and ask the customer to follow the same.
    • All The Charges Must Be Overt And Justified: The customer checks the rate of the mere product but not the extra charges like VAT, shipping charge etc. As a result, if the additional charges are not justified then it may disappoint the customer and it either leads to distrust or cancelling the product. Neither the customer nor the seller would be happy with this. It is the responsibility of the seller to mention it early and offer reasonable cost in order to build trust and maintain a healthy relation with customer. An example is Disney Store which provides clear and overt shipping details.
    • Hassle-Free Return Policy: The major concern of customers is on easy returns in offline shopping and to get a full Now, this is what has to be taken care in online shopping. Good return policies will not only help the customer to return and gain great experience but also avoid thinking about your competitor while online shopping in the future.

The above content is a complete diet essential for the effective e-commerce website and the examples will help you to dissect the real world branded companies. It will not only help you to attract people but also help to close the deal, build trust and maintain a healthy relationship with customers.

Shopping is all about attracting people, displaying things and closing deals. This will not only help to get traffic but also gain maximum profit. Effective e-commerce will separate you from your competitor and will give a good platform to speed-up your business. Now, what are you waiting for? E-commerce economy will have significant growth in the upcoming years and these 5 tips and tricks for an effective e-commerce website, with brilliant 10examples, will help you to flood with money and become a successful e-commerce-based entrepreneur if you approach in the right way.

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