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Things to learn from Heat Maps – Part 3

December 8, 2014

Hello friends, welcome back!! From two days, our back to back discussion related to heat maps analysis and its findings is going on. We are very glad that we are able to share such information with you.

So, not wasting much of our time and coming back to the same point; today, we are going to learn about few more heat map analysis that will assist in getting more conversion rates. So, before we start, let’s have a quick brush up of what we learnt till today.

We learnt about website design, how and where to place the content on website, how readers read the website content, type of banners to be placed, most viewed places of the website and much more….

We are sure that these techniques will definitely help you to optimize your website in a perfect manner. So, let’s continue our journey of heat maps.

Heat-Maps Journey

Making use of any human being image matters

When we add images in our website of any individual explaining something or showing any gesture or an image of group sharing success then these images really matter as wherever their eyes are, people ( viewers) will look first into that direction.

For instance, if your website has an image of a person looking at your contact info stating : Request a free quote here” then the attention of the people will get diverted there first. This is one of the important elements used in the website design.

It helps to attract the attention of visitors but where their eyes are looking also matters a lot. According to the studies from heat map, it is known that people follow that direction where the model’s eyes are looking.

In order to get the focus of visitors, a simple image of any beautiful girl must be combined with any informative content and her eyes should look at the content. Further, it is advisable to use emotion conveying person along with the relevant content that you think needs more attention of the viewers.

Information for women and Visuals for men

As per the analysis done by heat maps for some dating sites, certain facts were known like men focus more on images while women focus more on text. Nearly 50% of time, women spend in judging a general profile. Study proved that men are masochists while women are gold diggers.

This means that if your website has more textual content then it will loved by women and if it’s more of images then preferred by men. Also, even if women look at any image then they will surely try to find some information from it that is useful to them.

So, you can create a website that is a combination of both image as well as text so that it is preferred as well as loved by many viewers including men and women.

Avoid using automatic banners

As per the study carried out by Heat maps, users who surf internet to accomplish their task completely ignore websites that have automatic scrolling banners. Now days, using these automatic banners on your website homepage don’t work.

Your website will be definitely ignored by the visitors as they develop banner blindness and as a result, a lot of your website space is wasted. In case it is necessary to use banners then they can be used keeping in mind that they don’t create banner blindness.

Wind Up

Hope the things that you are learning from heat maps tests are working for you. These are really important as these studies provide every minute detail of even tiny things that are mostly ignored while designing any website.

Still many more things are pending to be discussed which will be published in our upcoming blogs. Till then apply these techniques and see the results. For any assistance, Softqube Technologies- a well known internet marketing service provider is always here for you.

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