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Facts about Google’s NEW LOGO!

Facts about Google’s NEW LOGO!

Few days back, you might have seen some changes in Google’s icon. The G in capital letters in blue colour and e, little bit slanting. Yeah right, we are talking about the new amazing fantastic new Google’s logo that was changed recently.

So, are you curious to know about how this new logo was created, who created it and when? If you possess a scientific mind then definitely you will have these questions. Yes, we have such minds and so we thought to share the same details with our readers.

Today, in this blog post you will get good knowledge about Google’s Logo. So, let’s begin:

Facts About Google Logo

If we look at the above image, Google has changed its logo at regular intervals of time with frequent changes in font, colour, style etc. Here, we will know some amazing facts about Google’s New Logo having four colours.

Facts about New Google Icon:

  1. Design is similar to that of the one developed by Russian Designer Denis Kortunov: One of the interesting facts is this new icon looks similar to one of the designs developed by Russian Designer Denis Kortunov few years ago. It is believed that this Google’s new logo design is just a little bit change in one of his designs. We can say that Kortunov’s final cut is the result that is used to develop this current symbol of well known popular search engine.

    Popular Search Engine

    This means that the logo was designed years back but was adopted today as the new latest logo design. Yes the design developed by this designer doesn’t exactly match the logo, however there’s some resemblance between the two.
    Hence, one can say that this logo design is actually the classy version of the one that was previously created by Kortunov from Russia. It has some relatively less tweaks that are made by Google which can only be noticed if one views both the logos very firmly.

    There were several other logos that were not accepted like as:

    • Ball Logo by Yegor Gilyov
    • Ring Logo by Valera Namazov
    • Double O Logo by Dmitry Joukov
  2. New Logo Font Introduced: In all the previous logos, Google has used Serif font face as well as general letter spacing. These have never changed. The best among all the Serif fonts is Times New Roman and others different types of Helvetica.

    However, if we talk about the new logo font; it is “Product Sans” which was created in-house especially for designing Google’s New logo, this font is much scalable as compared to previous one.

    Hence, now Google’s logo looks more attractive as compared to its previous versions. We can see the revised font, spacing as well as resizing of the letters and what has remain the same, is the colour scheme.

Google’s design is in some or the other way related to some of the aspects of rivals’ branding where we can see the theme is still the same. When we compare this design styles, we can feel that Google, Microsoft and Apple borrow logo ideas from each other.

Apple had the colourful logo in 1977 while Microsoft after constant logo revisions finally adopted one logo in 1987 with the elegant and simple design in black Sans Serif Text. Talking about Google, its logo remained classic till 2015 which finally changed with the new font and corporate look.

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This information shared here can be useful to the readers in several ways. Know some more facts or any other details; don’t forget to share them with our readers.

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Nitin Suvagiya

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