USB Type C Launching Soon for Latest Tech Devices
USB Type C Launching Soon for Tech Devices

USB Type C Launching Soon for Tech Devices

People using Apple MacBook or Google Chromebook must be very well aware about USB Type -C. This new USB type will now very soon be available in Android Phones as well. This will be available in upcoming Chromebooks and Android Phones in the near future.
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The easiest thing in the tech world is attaching USB cables. These may be small but can do very huge tasks like transferring important data; data back up and lots more. The official confirmation of this new USB type was already approved by Intel’s Developer Forum Conference on 2nd April 2014.

Features of C Type USB

It offers sufficient power, display and data via a single port which reduces the need of connecting more cables and devices. USB Type C possesses a symmetrical design which allows users to insert any kind of USB device they wish to and this eliminates the wrong ways of inserting USB devices into micro-USB cable.

This video from Google can provide a deep understanding about this new USB device type. So, now very soon the next Google Nexus device may have this feature.

Now, let’s understand how it is different from microUSB and what are its core advantages?

Difference between micro USB and USB type C

When we purchase any product having extra features or the one that is most renowned in the tech world, we always feel the urge to know why it is different, why was this invented and what are the benefits of this new feature against the older one.
So, before you use or think of using any device with USB C type, I think it’s beneficial if you are already aware about the differences between the two. Hence, let’s move ahead with the same:

How Type C USB and microUSB differ from each other?

A normal microUSB may need more power to charge a tablet or phone while as this new Type C USB implements the USB Power delivery specifications. This means this single USB port can easily work with the devices which need electricity up to 20 volts to get charged. It can also provide upto 100 watts of power in some cases.

Extra power available in USB C type can be used to run various live papers, displays and more. Chances are there this new tech invention can also support the older cables. The cable will be the same but the port will be new.

Advantages of USB Type C

This new tech invention is a small physical connector that supports various USB standards like USB3.1 and USB Power delivery. It’s a single USB connector which supports all devices. As a result, the load of carrying different cables for different devices will now get reduced.

It works as an adapter to connect with an HDMI or VGA output, huge USB Type A connector as well as small USB type C connector both with a single port. This means any USB, HDMI; display port on various laptops can be connected with a single type of port.

Yes but one thing with this, two cables can’t be attached at a same time. This means if you wish to view images while listening songs from MP3 player then for that one USB can be plugged in to USB C and second to the normal so that two tasks can be done simultaneously.

If we need to summarize the advantages of this new USB then it can be done as follows

  • Tiny but useful This new port is really very small but it works more as compared to currently used micro USB ports.
  • Easily convertible For the current USB ports, we have to check which side of the USB cable will actually fit in while for this USB Type C , the side of the cable doesn’t matter you can easily plug in any way you want.
  • Speedy Data transfer is very quick with latest versions of USB protocols which is upto 10Gb per second.
  • Can render more power: It can offer upto 100 watts of power and this makes charging the devices very easy.
  • Adaptable Using different adapters, older devices can be easily connected to Type C port and those devices that don’t use USB technologies can also be connected with ease.

Take Away

It seems that USB type C is really a useful upgrade and very shortly it will be seen in each and every tech device, be it iPhone, Android, MacBook, Chrome book or any new version. So, now within short span of time you can make your Android Phone, your laptop the sole connector to all cables because now it will have a unique Type C USB port.

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