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Features of Windows 10 Can Shake the World of Android

December 19, 2014

Now, Microsoft Windows will release its latest version Windows 10. Here, we are going to reveal some of the latest features of Windows 10 that will make huge difference to android platform users. It is expected to launch latest by 21st January 2015. This windows version can be used on any device including laptop, desktop, mobile etc.

The features of Windows 10 are extremely user-friendly. This might affect Android system as one of its main features is flexibility.

Windows vs Android

  • Availability in the Market: With these all exciting features, it looks like Windows 10 is going to be more popular among the next generation for which it is specially designed. It will hit the market anytime in the year 2015. Now, it has just launched the preview of Windows OS 10 and during this launch event that will be held on 21st Jan 2015, Head of Xbox Fill Spacer will also discuss about windows 10 gaming features via tweets. So, get ready to make use of this extremely beneficial Windows 10 OS which is known to beat Android platform very soon.
  • Main Feature of Windows 10: Windows 10 is not similar to Windows 8 that has the tiles interface. The look of Windows 10 is similar to that of Windows 7. This operating system can be used along with keyboard. The complete tiles interface can be seen in touch mode.
  • New Features of Windows: Based on the search results, it can be said that apart from computers, internet listings are also available. You can also see task view. The user can easily press the buttons in taskbar and every single window can be seen in new preview.

Multi Tasking and Virtual Desktop

Windows 10 is inbuilt with touch screen. So, if you monitor is touch screen then you can easily use this Windows version without the help of keyboard in a similar manner in which you are using that smart phone and tablet.

This New version has better command prompts than before. You can also get the benefit of multi tasking. This can be easily adjusted to any kind of desktop screen. For touch users, large buttons are available which is more touch-friendly as compared to previous one. You can open several virtual windows simultaneously at the same time.

Also, you can shift the open app from one window to another. This can also be installed in any Smartphone, tablet, desktop as well as laptop. This works nicely on any touch screen device. It is believed that Windows 10 is developed especially to beat Android and Apple Smart Phone Operating systems. Its pre release version is set for testing.

Desktop and Search Option

This time Microsoft has come up with Universal Search Option available in its Start menu. So, with the search option you can search anything from your device as well as from the Web. A Really good feature, isn’t it? This saves the time of users to go to browser and search the web, as you can do it directly from your desktop with Windows 10. If you search for anything using this search option in start menu and if that thing is not available in your computer as well as any of the apps then it will give you the results from Web.

A unique platform for all devices

Even if you use Windows 10 in your PC or tablet, the layout and working experience will remain the same. This means that Windows play store, application usage can be used on any platform. This software can be used on any device including smartphone as well as Hybrid Desktop.

Apps Support

The users of Windows 10 can now make use of all the apps available in windows store. It opens in the desktop format where the tiles can be redesigned as well as their place can be changed.

Task View Option

The task view buttons are placed on the task bar which is used to open apps from virtual desktop. You can toggle between the apps or files that are opened by using the task view option.

Multiple Desktop Views

With this feature, multi tasking can be done easily. Users can create different desktops for different projects. This works similar to the X feature of Apple OS.

Snap Assist UI

The new user interface of Microsoft known as Snap Assist UI is included in Windows10. With this feature, four apps can be seen simultaneously in one screen.

Perfect Security and Cloud Connectivity

A unique feature of data security is also connected with Windows 10. A new program known as Windows insider is launched by Microsoft with which PC experts and IT Professionals can have its technical preview on laptop and desktop.

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