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Free Online Tools for Your Business

Free Online Tools for Your Business

Well, every business owner wishes to make its business successful but due to lack of time or money; some fail to do so. Here, we have mentioned some online tools that will help business owners to develop their business and render all the help they can get.

Favourite Free Business Tools:

Free Online Tools for Business

  1. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides: So, now everyone is using internet through their device and have made their business go mobile. But, there are such tools that can help you to make your office go mobile.

    Google has a suite of cloud based office software which can be used to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and everything related to business with just a single touch or click from computer, phone or tablet.

    Need of these documents:

    • Create and store documents, reports and presentations in cloud based storage for easy access.
    • Files that are saved offline can be easily edited with Microsoft office tools like as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
    • Try to combine your documents with simple as well as powerful sharing and editing capabilities.
  2. Buffer: We all use various social media sites but when it comes to business, the lack of time prohibits business owners from posting tweets. This tool is used to schedule posts and stay connected with your audience of all accounts and get detailed analysis about the performance of various social media campaigns.

    Buffer is necessary for business owners in order to:

    • Connect with various social media accounts like as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    • Schedule the tweets, posts or updates of a month, week or a day.
    • Know the performance of your social media campaigns and get valuable insights.
  3. Pixlr Editor: In business, there are several images and photographs to be edited. There are various professional softwares available to do this task. But these cost thousands of dollars. Yes, there are also free softwares that can offer enough functionality to support the business.

    With Pixlr Editor, one can offer free editing, cropping and design tools for several digital photos. This is easily accessible as well as the most affordable ways to create good looking images.

    Business owners must use this software to:

    • Crop, resize, re- colour and re- touch the images for your online store.
    • Boost the product photography by removing backgrounds and other artificial materials.
    • Develop Professional logos, artwork as well as product mock ups.
  4. Mint: Small business owners keep updates of every single minute about their budgets and finances. Hence, it’s necessary to access the data even when you are out of office. With Mint, one can view the entire presentation of the financial data through the online banking account.

    This software will then learn about your spending habits, separate your expenses into different categories and then manage budgets accordingly. This is one of the easiest ways to track the spending and on the top of the finances.

    Uses of Mint:

    • With Mint, one can set the budget for expenditure and get notified once you are nearing the limit.
    • This software always keeps an eye on the incoming and outgoing funds by means of simple graphs and reports.
  5. Evernote: To set a reminder for the tasks; we generally use sticky notes but in case of business; an online software that helps to set the reminder for business related tasks is a must.

    With Evernote, one can note down the important tasks so that these are not left undone. Ifyou are facing difficulty in managing things in your business then ever note can help you to some extent.

    Need for Ever note for business people:

    • Separate ideas into different notes.
    • Save interesting articles and then manage your reading list.
    • Synchronize the ideas between mobile and desktop and use them anywhere.

Wind Up

Hope this blog post will help you to run your online business smoothly and if you wish to get more of such tips then get in touch with Softqube Technologies, eCommerce Solutions provider in India.

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