Facebook Launches Facebook Legacy Contact

March 19, 2015

While taking any insurance policy, we always provide the names of nominees i.e. people who will be befitted from the amount after our death. Now, the same thing applies in managing Facebook accounts.

Many of us might be having friends who are no more in this world and still you can see their accounts managed by spouse, close friends or who so ever having their login credentials. Sometimes, I also feel who will be the owner of my Facebook account once I am no more.

Facebook Legacy Contact

But now this thought has got a solution because from my recent research I came to know that Facebook has now come up with Facebook Legacy contact. This feature is not yet available in India however in near future it will definitely be.

What is Facebook Legacy Contact and how is it useful?

Everyone on this earth has its last day today or tomorrow or near future and so like properties are distributed, government jobs are given to the heir after the demise of the working person. In the same way, now Facebook gives us the option to choose our legacy contact or we can say the person whom we wish to manage our account after our demise.

This feature was launched by on 13th Feb 2015. This option was launched keeping in mind that how the person who’s no more can be remembered. This can serve as a memory for friends, family and others giving them peace and comfort.

Legacy contact means selecting someone to manage your account after your death and it also has the option to deactivate the account once you have reached the heaven.

Setting up Legacy Contact

  • Click the dropdown arrow at top right of the Facebook homepage. Select Settings > Security and Legacy Contact.

From here you can assign the type of permission you wish to and send the message to the selected person.

Whom to select as a Legacy Contact?

This seems somewhat personal because the one selected as your legacy contact will have limited account access and won’t be able to read messages however that person will have the permission to update posts on Facebook timeline, respond to friend requests, change profile as well as cover photo.

Depending on the permission granted, legacy contact can also download posts and photos. You can select anyone as the one to manage your account after your death however it’s mandatory that they should have a Facebook account and be ensured that the particular person whom you wish to assign the responsibility is actually ready to take it and that person cannot assign the task to someone else.

So, the person whom you wish to assign the responsibility can either be your close friend, spouse, sibling, cousin or someone whom you trust deeply. Once you have selected your “digital heir” then that individual will be positioned as your legacy contact.

What if I wish to get my account memorialized?

To do so it’s mandatory for the legacy contact to be in touch with Facebook and make a request to get the account memorialized through an online form. If this is your choice then after your death, the account will still remain on Facebook with the label “Remembering” in front of your name.

No ads, news feeds will be shown on your account; it will be just a normal steady account only for family and friends to remember you.


Hope this post will provide good knowledge to our readers and we wish that Facebook should launch this feature very soon for Indians as well. In near future, it will definitely be available but it’s good to have details about it so that in case someone asks to be a legacy contact of their account, you must not get shocked.

This was just an informative post which can be shared with anyone you wish to and make them aware about this new Facebook feature. Wish to stay updated with new features then stay in touch with Softqube Technologies, Online marketing Company India.

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