Most Useful Text Editors for Web Designers

August 9, 2014

Advancing technology has given us so many tools that we can create websites in minutes. Yet, there are some things that are to be done manually. There will be a day when visually oriented apps will replace the old school manual coding. Till that time, we need to do manual coding. There are some text editors that are useful for creating proper coding and here we have mentioned some of these that are mostly adopted by web designers:

Some Excellent Text editors for Web Designers:

  • Notepad++: The most useful and very easy to use application available for free with Windows is highly recommended for editing the existing website code or creating new ones. There’s a rumor that this application is now out of date. This is not true as even today this application deserves to be best for web designers and it is able to stand in competition among other text editors about which we will discuss further.
  • BBEdit: This is one of the useful text editors available with Mac OSx operating system for price $49.99. This text editor is truly a veteran in the field. In spite of being different from modern Mac apps; this editor application is easily configurable, scriptable, and fast with quick find & replace options along with support for version control.

    This application was recently updated with handy text suggestion tool that is most useful to match various strings from anywhere in the document.

  • Blue Fish: Another text editor that is very much useful is Blue Fish. It can be used for Windows, OS, and Linux and is absolutely free. Similar to Notepad++, this editor tool is great boon for web designers. The main feature is it offers syntax highlighting for all coding languages such as, CSS, HTML, Java script, PHP and more). Along with this, it also has various other features such as code folding, auto completion and powerful find –replace option.

    In addition to this, it supports various document wizards such as CSS, forms, tables, audio, video objects as well as quick tag editing and easy document previewing.

  • Code Writer: This is one of the important text editors mostly used on Windows 8 and is available for free. The app system in tablets is very less as compared to that of desktops or laptops. This application is mainly used in tablets and has various advanced features such as code outlining, syntax error flagging, auto correction, text formatting etc.
  • Text Mate: Yet, another most useful text editor is Text mate for OS operating system and is available for free. It offers a complete different feature set. Due to some updates in Mac, it has vanished from the market however its most useful version Mac 2.0 is available for free download.

Wrap up:

The list doesn’t end here. There are many more tools available in the market which makes coding very easy for web designers. Perfect websites can be developed only with perfect coding. So, it is important to use relevant coding tools. Web designers at best web design company in India – Softqube technologies tend to use necessary tools to make coding easier and provide perfect website to the client.

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