Main Elements of Interactive Design

March 25, 2015

Interactive design is what attracts customers the most. Therefore, while developing any website ,make sure you create it in such a way that it is attractive and visitors feel it very interactive. With a view to develop such a website, there’s a need for some basic elements which are as follows.

Interactive Web Design Tips

Fundamental Elements of an Interactive Design

  1. Objective oriented design: Every firm has its own goal and the website must reveal it. So, it is necessary to identify the goal to develop the insights of any website design. To attract people, there are three main processes that help to create a goal oriented design which are as follows.
    • Using Characters: To make your website lively, try to use fictional characters based on the behaviour as well as psychology of the target users. These fictional characters are useful while making important design decisions.
    • Identifying user situations: Based on fictional characters used, user situations show how people will react when they will visit your website. Such situations force the designers to think in a way that visitors will interact with the product.
    • User Journey Experience Maps: Going ahead of fictional characters, user scenarios; user journey maps are used which include all the conditions consisting of emotional and external circumstances.

    Hence with these three techniques one can easily develop a complete picture of user experience including their scenarios as well as complete emotional journey.

  2. Usage: It is a must for the design. While visiting the website, people will first see whether they are able to use that product or not. One such website helps event organizers to reserve the seat for an event from beginning to end with enough details like deciding rows, tables and a dance floor. In the same manner, every product must be easy to use.
  3. Object clues and indicators: In simple terms it means an activity must reflect itself and inform the customers its use on its own. Indicators show the perfect object clues and improper indicators cannot show right direction to the users.

    Indicators also serve as symbols as they would like people to know about the interaction with something without its possibility. If we take a look at icons in iPhone, they reveal their action and this is considered as perfect combination of affordances and signifiers.

  4. Enabling user to learn easily: If you use a function every now and then you can easily remember it while in reality; intuition and familiarity must be developed into every interface. An interactive design must be easy to use and should have consistency as well as predictability.

    For instance, some websites have some links opening in new tabs and some redirecting to other websites. A professional website must either redirect to the links or open in new tab, any of these functions must be used.

  5. Response Time & Feedback: When you interact with users, feedback is important and it’s necessary to have quick conversation and any query related to the product must be solved in moments so as to ensure better customer satisfaction.

Wind up

Hope these main elements if considered properly can help designers to develop an interactive web design which can easily attract customers. To get expert web design services, contact one of the renowned Web Design Company in India, Softqube Technologies.

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