Three eCommerce Web Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business

May 8, 2015

Three eCommerce Web Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business

Who doesn’t wish to see crowd of customers on their website? Everyone would love to have the crowd, isn’t it? But sometimes owners themselves are not aware of the mistakes that keep people away from their websites.

They keep trying several things like offering discounts, coupons and more but remain unaware about the mistakes that actually is hidden in their website design. In short, the mistakes lie within us but we constantly keep searching for them in others.

Hence, let’s take a look at the trio of these mistakes which badly hampers our sales and these are as follows:

Three eCommerce Mistakes that Negatively Affect Your Business:

  1. Communicate Your Value in a Proper Manner: The way you communicate your value to the people is one of the important things which shows whether people bother to read about your product or service or just move on.

    A strong way to deliver your value is the most valuable thing for any eCommerce store. This must reveal as to why people should buy from you, why they should deal with you when there are several other competitors available in the market?

    Provide them any specific reason for choosing you rather than others. We have seen that innumerable eCommerce sites lack the way to communicate with buyers; they don’t know how to prove their value to the buyers.

    Even some sites fail to explain their product or service in a proper manner and this makes it difficult for people to understand you because you yourself are confused about what actually you are selling.

    An example of perfect website that actually reveals its value is as follows:

    If you go to such websites, you can easily understand as to what exactly they are dealing with. Hence, your website should perfectly reveal the business you are in.

    Things that must be considered to perfectly deliver your value:

    • A catchy headline (it’s good if it has sub headings) in a simple, clear language explaining how an item is useful to the customer.
    • Body explaining why that item is perfect choice for the buyer. How you are different from others?
    • Any additional benefits offered by you.

    Once you are successful in explaining that you are the perfect one for them and that your product completely suits their needs then one can stop people rushing to your website.

  2. Unclear Product Descriptions: An important aspect of any eCommerce site is Product description. Yes, there are people who write something and sell something and this is one of the biggest reasons for their failure in online business.

    Product descriptions are really important however sometimes business owners hardly pay attention to it. The reason different people think about multiple aspects when they have actually decided to buy the product.

    Keep yourself on the customer’s seat and keep in mind all those aspects and write the product description accordingly. For example; if you are selling any furniture product; mention how it looks when kept in bedroom, drawing room etc.

    Colour of the product, its various features how it will make the customer’s life easy etc and other such aspects must be kept in mind while writing product descriptions.

  3. Make proper use of Quality Images: Certain items are purchased by looks. For instance, show piece, display items, pottery items, Handicrafts and more. Such items must be displayed with quality images so that its visual effect tempts buyers to buy the product.

    Make sure to include zoomable images especially those where image can be viewed along with product description. Such images lead to 10% increase in sales. Conversion rates can also be improved by including images in the search results.

    This means when someone searches your product, it should appear in the search results along with images. The ultimate aim of the image is that the buyer must be able to imagine the product because while purchasing it online they are unable to touch and feel it.

    Hence, never compromise on quality of the images as these are the ones that can yield sufficient revenue thus making your online business a huge success.

Wind Up

Have you found any of these mistakes in your eCommerce site? If yes, then this blog is a perfect guide for you. If no, then keep looking for them and if you find them, solve them immediately to improve your business on the web.

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